Stoke 1-1 Arsenal – Gunners Secure Decent Point In Hostile Atmosphere At The Britannia (Photos & Highlights)

Alan Duffy

28th, April 2012


By Alan Duffy

Stoke City 1-1 Arsenal – Premier League – 28th April 2012

The abuse once again meted out to Aaron Ramsey from sections of the Stoke City faithful on Saturday was rather distasteful, with the Welshman’s only crime to have his leg smashed in two by Ryan Shawcross. However, Arsene Wenger and co. will no doubt have been expecting such a welcome along along with another challenging 90 minutes of long balls and long throws.

It was the home side who opened the scoring, courtesy of a rather textbook header from Peter Couch after a textbook centre from Matthew Etherington on nine minutes. Robin van Persie pounced soon after to level the scores with a draw ultimately a fair result.

The Gunners edge ever nearer that third-place finish while Tony Pulis’ charges stay 14th.



Photos: PA

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  1. Jonny says:

    Another disappointing assumption from the game today. The atmosphere only turned hostile when the Arsenal fans decided to chant, “Ryan Shawcross, you know what you are” during the second half. Up to this point, there had been nothing other than the normal chanting that you would expect from any two teams. Completely uncalled for and ultimately shows a lack of class on behalf of a large portion of Arsenal fans.

  2. dc says:

    still, the stoke fans could have insulted the arsenal fans rather than insult the kid who got his leg broken in half. it’s not like ramsey trashed shawcross’s name for breaking his leg or anything

  3. ben says:

    @Jonny They were booing Ramsey well before the second half.. and chanted “wanker wanker” when he was subbed off. And even if your statements are not untrue.. still a lame excuse to boo a kid who broke his leg because “someone else” chanted stuff towards your players.

  4. ben says:

    Oh and let’s not forget the booing he recieved the first time back away at Stoke while praising Shawcross as some hero while putting Ramsey in the dirt. Let’s stop talking about who has or doesn’t have class already.. you support Stoke and you will selectively choose to ignore things and that’s fine with me but if you are going to do that don’t bring up “class” into the discussion and just talk about your opinions.

  5. RDEC says:

    To clarify Stoke fans a boo Ramsey for the fact that he refused to accept Shawcross’ apology in hospital a few days after the incident. I don’t agree with the booing of him but to be clear it’s not just because he got his leg ‘smashed in two’, Stoke fans like banter but they aren’t that heartless! It’s more Ramsey’s refusal to draw a line under it.
    Worse tackles happen very often in the Prem most weeks (with a lot more intent) Balotelli/Song for example.

    Nice picture by the way, RVP using a novel route to get past Huth!

  6. Unkle Tickles says:

    Yeah i get it, the Stoke fans feel like Ramsey should have accepted the apology from Shawcross. I’m a Gunner for life and I don’t feel like Shawcross meant to hurt him. He’s just a mouth-breathing oaf who throws too much of himself into his tackles sometimes. We all know people like that. But to boo and harass the guy who got his leg shattered and everything that comes with it is only classless. Last time I checked victims don’t need to accept apologies especially when they are in the hospital having to be on large doses of pain meds to deal with the damage done to them.

  7. WxM says:

    Stoke fans are just as classless as there team full of c*#ts . if one of their players rape a girl they will say she was asking for it .

  8. Jonny says:

    @Ben, surely if it is my opinion that the Arsenal fans lacked class, then I can bring class into the discussion? I’m not going to stand here and defend the entirety of the Stoke fan base as there will always be a minority who take things too far. The same could be said of the Arsenal fans who started the aggressive chanting towards Shawcross. What disappoints me is how the media have picked up on all this abuse aimed at Ramsey (which yes I agree there was at points), yet the angelic Arsenal fans acted in the correct manner throughout the whole game and are completely blameless. The bias in the media is excruciatingly cringeworthy

  9. Jonny says:

    @WxM about as classy as a person who brings the level of a discussion down to rape, uses foul language and displays evidence of poor grammar? Ok then…

  10. Kastrol says:

    @Jonny the media being bias in Arsenal’s favour? What planet do you live on? Even match of the day didn’t pass on the opportunity to mock Arsenal lat night.

  11. Kastrol says:

    @Jonny the media being bias in favour of Arsenal? What planet do you live on? Even match of the day doesn’t pass on an opportunity to mock us these days.

  12. Jonny says:

    @Kastrol I challenge you to find a piece of written media that is derogatory towards Arsenal. MOTD doesn’t count, we all know what a poor, awkward and embarrassingly presented show that is.

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