Arsenal’s Emmanuel Frimpong Guests On Lethal Bizzle Re-Mix (Video)

Alan Duffy

11th, May 2012


By Alan Duffy

Ah, ’tis a long way from John Barnes and the Anfield Rap, but Arsenal’s media butterfly Emmanuel Frimpong’s latest foray into the world of grime sees him guesting on cousin Lethal Bizzle’s re-mix of ‘Leave It Yeah’.

If you don’t like grime you’ll utterly hate this, by the way (so leave it, yeah?). However, to be fair to the young (and currently crocked) Gunner, he’s one of the few professional footballers out there to get involved with anything nearing credibility.

One question does remain, however – with his huge Twitter profile, his clothing range and now this, should the Ghanaian-born Londoner maybe be focusing a little more on his football and a little less on his burgeoning media empire?

Rumours that Lethal Bizzle first approached Arsene Wenger rather than Frimpong to feature in the video remain unproven.