‘I Woke Up In The Bath With A Totally Blank Mind’ – Nicklas Bendtner Claims To Have Been Drugged On Night Out

Chris Wright

21st, May 2012


By Chris Wright

Talking to Danish magazine Cover Man, Nicklas Bendtner has claimed to have been the victim of a deliberately spiked drink, recalling one particular night out at London nightclub Boujis last year that saw the bleary-eyed Dane papped with his trousers around his ankles while attempting to leave the scene without attracting any undue attention – an incident which later cost him two weeks’ wages.

Said Bendtner:

“I was out with a friend who I was visiting and we were doing shots. When I woke up in my bath my mind was totally blank. I was told that I’d lain down and had to be pulled from the water.

“The club had been closed for an hour at the time and then someone obviously called the paparazzi. I was drugged, I think.”

Cue the inevitable ‘he plays like he’s on drugs’ jibes…

Bendtner, who also revealed that similar nefarious stunts had been pulled on his friends in Denmark which left them hospitalised, then told Cover Man that he’s since scaled down his drinking habits…well, sort of anyway:

“The days when I stood on the table and was the biggest idiot are gone, though they may be coming back once or twice more.”

Of course, the fact that there are people out there deliberately targeting Bendtner and his ilk is a serious one and should serve as warning to football’s raft of other young, dumb party boys. Take a leaf out of Nicky’s book chaps; marching around town at night and kicking wing mirrors off cars is a much more gentlemanly pursuit.

Via Ekstra Bladet

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  1. Murray says:

    Yes, he’s drinking shots, and the night he blacks out and wakes up in an unusual situation has nothing to do with hard liquor entering his bloodstream the fastest way possible without having an IV drip.

    Uh huh, okay.

  2. Tom says:

    haha he’s doing shots then wonderes why he woke up in a bath tub.. twat

  3. Anglo says:

    He really is the poster boy for stupid.
    Hmmm, I was drinking shots all night and then woke up unable to remember anything…..I Must Have Been Drugged !!!!

  4. Toz says:

    Sure beats those doughnut carpark parties that Arsenal players used to hold.

  5. Captain Obvious says:

    Biggest proof of drug behavior is thinking (and saying!) he’s too good for Arsenal whilst Sunderland think they’re too good for him. delusional.

  6. Fat Nakago says:

    I always thought he had a totally blank mind to begin with.

  7. D3 says:

    He should have played the “I woke up in a tub of ice and my kidney was missing” card. It at least provides an explanation as to WHY he was drugged

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