Arsenal Fan Launches Into Frenzied Van Persie Rant Before Doing Him The Ultimate Discourtesy (Video)

By Chris Wright

What a treat! Six minutes of ranting over Van Persie from a guy who’s not quite as angry over the whole ordeal as he’d probably like to have you believe, before he sets about delivering the ultimate hammer blow – selling him on FIFA 12 not once, not twice, but THREE times.

Shit just got reeeeeal…

“Let me get this right because I don’t want to look like an arse” – that ship, Sir, has already sailed.

Video: 101GG

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  1. NathanM says:

    KSI haha. You need to watch the rest of his channel to understand his pretty over-exaggerative style. Part acting, part truthful.

  2. js94 says:

    KSI is such a legend

  3. SwissMafia says:

    The real crime here is that he is using an xbox rather then the ps3… Also playing FIFA rather then Pro Evo…

  4. plops says:

    Well he’s a little on the loud side isn’t he? I think I need to watch Last Of The Summer Wine to counter it.

    I must say, I’ve never heard of the fellow.

  5. Pkhakheria says:

    there needs to be a compilation video “arsenal supporters going mental when soemthing they didn’t want to happen…happens”

  6. Dale says:

    KSI is a genius.

  7. PierreJeanPierre says:

    Well SwissMafia, I guess discarding Van Persie from “North London” would have had a little less impact, that’s why.

  8. jayjay says:

    KSI is an annoying YouTube star…..He grates on me like that Geordie Co-Commentator who orgasms when he commentates on Messi…..Despise both characters with a passion.

  9. SwissMafia says:


    Haha, fair play. However the game does let you change those details into real club names for people who can be bothered. But I see your point as some of the logos would still be slightly wrong. However I still prefer to play football with a bit more random situations happening, then being able to brazilian chop every player on the field and score inch perfect goals in the corner of the net anytime I feel like it…

  10. Murray says:

    @Dale–Then that must make me TWO Albert Einsteins.

  11. adhikapp says:

    Lol KSI is probably one of my current favorite YouTube stars. You should post more of his vids here.

  12. jojo says:

    KSI is so tiring… I dare you to watch five of his videos in a row. Your ears will bleed, and your mind will melt. Enjoyed in small doses.

  13. TAYPOT says:

    Frickin say no to drugs children……

  14. Luke says:

    @jayjay Really? Rocky is a legend. And KSI is alright.

    But Ultimate Team has to be the most pointless piece of geeky wank ever conceived.

  15. Quinn says:

    Thats KSIolajedibt, he is a legend.

  16. Dan says:

    KSI is a c**t. I hate the moron.

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