Pretty Much The Worst Olivier Giroud Chant You’re Ever Going To Hear… (Video)

Chris Wright

4th, September 2012


By Chris Wright

All new signings need a chant; this one, we’re guessing, probably isn’t going to be Olivier Giroud’s calling card at the Emirates…

Two things: Firstly, we’re pretty sure it’s pronounced ‘Jeer-oo’ (which is by-the-by we suppose ) and secondly, the man is 6’4”, which blows the entire chant apart completely.

Actually, while we’re here – third thing: “He’ll make you go to the loo”? Que? Is this supposed to be a good thing? Is he more or less effective than Dulcolax?


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  1. Nico says:

    Still think the best one for him would be something with the tune of “chim chiminy chim chim chiroo” but with just his name.

  2. PatBlueIre says:

    According to his twitter he is autistic…Still surely that’s not all that is to blame. Check out the one for Podolski as well, a real treat.

  3. plops says:

    Oh Christ, just have a look at some more of his videos! Incredible scenes. I feel bad for laughing, he must have learning difficulties. Check out his Podolski chant “Could you be the sprout to end our 8-year doubt?”. This kid is amazing.

  4. peter says:

    Lol the Podolski one is so clever! If he changed the lyrics up for Giroud, it would be great cuz he’s got a good melody going lol

  5. Steph says:

    I confirm the pronounciation.. he makes it sound like “Guy Roux”, the 44 years long manager of Auxerre.

  6. Sush says:

    Hahahaha….Garud (which he was calling giroud) means eagle in my native language

  7. Archbishop Betty Snagcock says:

    @Nico has been done “chim chiminee chim chiminee chim chim cheroo, who needs van persie when we have Giroud”.

    understandably hasn’t been used in the premier league yet

  8. Jordan says:

    As mentioned above the bloke says in his feed his is autistic. This might not mean anything necessarily, but worth being aware of.

  9. Stuart says:

    I bet that’s as loud as it gets at the Emirates

  10. Bergkamper Van says:

    A new song for Giroud has to be “You Give A Little Love” from Bugsy Malone. “We give a little love and it all comes back – Giroud la la la la” Check out from 2.22 onwards..

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