Nicklas Bendtner To Sing Solo In Denmark World Cup Song

Ollie Irish

2nd, March 2010


By Ollie Irish


Nicklas Bendtner will sing solo on Denmark’s 2010 World Cup song, titled, brilliantly, ‘The Danish Way To Rock’. The song will be performed by Denmark’s squad and Danish rock band Nephew, who could be described as Denmark’s Depeche Mode.

Bendtner is lined up to sing one of the solo verses. According to Nephew front man Simon Kvamm, the cocksure Arsenal striker is just the man for the job:

An article about the song on Danish site reports Kvamm as saying (via Google Translate):

“Bendtner is his attitude pretty much rock’n’roll. Now we must see if he can perform in front of the microphone. One thing is that it could in the box, but with a microphone and a pair of critical eyes, waiting for the right tones coming out, then we see if he stands up for it, or fall down with a bang. Otherwise we have time in Autotune.”

Or, he looks the part but if his voice is shit, we’ll clean it up with Autotune (like an aural Photoshop, if you didn’t know).

Other Danish players slated to perform solo include Stoke keeper Thomas Sorensen and Dennis Rommedahl.

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