Arsenal Fan Forced To Cover Himself In Strawberry Jam After Nicklas Bendtner Scored Against Cardiff

Chris Wright

2nd, January 2014


By Chris Wright

Having learned that Nicklas Bendtner was due to start against Cardiff in lieu of the injured Olivier Giroud, Twitter-based Arsenal fan James ‘Raul’ Stokes (@_ArmchairGooner) made an outlandish wager in a fit of incredulity – promising to smother himself head-to-toe in Hartley’s finest if the Dane managed to trouble the scoresheet…

Of course, Nicky Bendts then went and prodded home the Gunners’ first goal of the evening in the 88th minute (his second goal in his second successive home game) and our friend James suddenly found himself in need of a trip to Tesco…





And for any of you budding preserve-smothering fetishists out there, James has a word of caution…

Okay pal, duly noted.

(Via 101GG)