Arsenal’s crap start to the season: what the bloggers say

Ollie Irish

29th, August 2006

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‘It is such a pity we loaned out Bendtner because you feel this kid is
the whole package. He is Henry, Adebayor and Van Persie all rolled into
one!’ [Soccerlens]

‘There will be some criticisms about our reluctance to shoot and this
week I think they’re justified to an extent. While there’s not much
point trying to shoot through a big crowd of players it can’t hurt now
and again and you might even get a lucky Lampard, sorry, deflection.’ [Arseblog]
‘All those vodkas with Vicodin chasers that I frantically slammed down to cauterize the pain of Arsenal’s latest limp-dick performance has made me delusional.’ [Deadspin]
‘Arsenal Ladies have scored 24 goals in the last three matches,
without conceding one. Perhaps they could give the first team a nudge
in the right direction? Oh, and show them how to take corners.’ [Blog FC]
‘Arsenal needs to do a number of things immediately
after starting the season with humiliation and disgrace on [sic] getting beaten by Manchester City on Saturday. One of the things they need sorted out quickly is the case of Reyes.’ [Soccerati]

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1 Comment

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