Arsenal Had ‘Pitiful’ Season – Arshavin

Ollie Irish

1st, June 2010


By Ollie Irish

Andrey Arshavin has branded Arsenal’s season as “pitiful”. A bit harsh, Arsh.

The Meerkat told The Sun: “There was nothing special last season for me to think back about. The season was normal – even pitiful.”

The Gunners won the same amount of trophies as Stoke and Blackburn, admittedly, but it was hardly a pitiful campaign.

In contrast, Arshavin praised champions Chelsea, in particular compatriot Yuri Zhirkov.

He said: “I am happy for Yuri Zhirkov, who won the Premier League with Chelsea.

“They deserved the trophy, as they were the strongest during the season.”

Hmm. Hmmmmm (strokes chin, says “Chinny Reckon”)… I wonder about Arshavin – whether his heart’s in it at Arsenal. Would be prefer to be a club team-mate of Zhirkov, for instance? He doesn’t appear to get on well with many of his current club-mates, I reckon.

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  1. androus says:

    I like Arshavin but i am becoming disenchanted with him because for one he is too vocal. I am not saying you cant talk but the if he was playing for MAN U fergurson would have reined him if ages ago for the comments that he makes.

    Did we have a pitiful season? We probably did because we ran out of steam but Arshavin played a big role in that failure because he underperformed in games and in cases he was so selfish and rather than square the ball he went for goal and missed when others were in better position.

    Arshavin for me has the wrong attitude and that attitude it partly responsible for his bad performances.

    Some might argue he was playing with an injury but if thats the case Arsene should have benched him. Infact there were many games in which he should have benched but as it was he was guaranteed to play in every game.

    My advise to Arshavin is to let his foot work do the talking because a big mouth has never ever scored a goal.

  2. WxM , Karachi says:

    He had a pitiful season not Arsenal . He did not do anything worth remembering should be chuked out of Arsenal .

  3. Ben says:

    U can’t blame Arshavin for a shit season, its not his fault Wenger played him as a striker.

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