William Gallas To Be Sued By Tunisian Dentists?

Chris Wright

20th, July 2010

By Chris Wright

Outbound Arsenal centre-back William Gallas may face legal action from the Union of Tunisian Dentists after inadvertently “damaging the image” of the entire nation’s dental workers.

Gallas flew his personal dentist (who hails from Tunisia) out to the World Cup for treatment at a cost of £20,000 and duly proceeded to publicly question the quality of healthcare in the north African country on his website after undergoing a botched procedure.

As a result the enraged Tunisian dentists are planning to take the French defender to court in an attempt to recover their image.

The president of the Tunisian Dentist’s Union, Adel Ben Smida, told the AP;

“[Gallas] has damaged the image of dental surgery in Tunisia, we are now considering our legal options.”

There you go. Don’t ever say that we shirk the big issues on Pies.

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