Emotional Cesc Fabregas In Tears At Barcelona Tribute

Ollie Irish

3rd, August 2010


By Ollie Irish

Pies is a wee bit late on this, as I was away ‘fishing’ yesterday, but hey, who am I to deny you this grainy clip of Cesc in tears at some award ceremony in Spain. Did he cry at the sight of his young self in a Barcelona shirt, and all those people shouting “Go to Barcelona, you idiot!”? Looks like it. That’s what the pro-Barca press think, of course – it’s a sign!

I’m with Wenger now. The only man who can halt the Cesc Rumour Juggernaut is Cesc. All it would take is one very brief statement, published on Arsenal’s official website: “I am staying at Arsenal this season.”

It’s easy to do. So why won’t he do it? Indeed, his failure to stop the whispers makes Fabregas complicit in the whole ugly affair.

Do the right thing, Cesc: stay at Arsenal for a couple more seasons, then swan off to your spiritual home.

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  1. PhilandoTorres says:

    To be fair to him, Barca and Wenger have had him between a rock and a hard place for weeks now. He obviously wants to go, but Wenger wants silly money for him, while Barca don’t have silly money to spend. If he puts an official transfer request in and ends up staying at Arsenal, he’ll be unhappy and uncomfortable, which will probably affect his form.

  2. hm says:

    he’s crying because he’s talking about his dead grandfather, this video has been edited.

  3. RH says:

    Torres – Wenger wants ‘silly money’ yeah. So you Spaniards think 29m is a fair price? Well then, you obviously don’t rate him so F**K off!

  4. Stroller says:

    Trust nothing that comes via the Spanish media (and is readily repeated in the English media). Lies and half-truths have been used to portray Cesc as some emotional, homesick, wreck being held against his will by Arsenal. This fits well with the previous story about him being ‘stolen’ from Barca’s paternal youth team by Fagin Wenger and forced into years of hard labour in London. Look instead at the facts. When away from the Spanish influence he has shown no indication of disloyalty or unhappiness, and only a year ago readily signed a lucrative 5 year deal. (or did Arsenal hold a gun to his head ?).

  5. GunnerFishing says:

    We don’t wont silly money for him, just what he is worth. Barca are trying to steal him. If James Milner is reportedly worth 30 Million, realistically what is Cesc worth? They still owe us money for other transfers, they seem to be going bankrupt, why should Arsenal bankroll them? If they cant pay the money up front, they don’t get any more credit, so they don’t get our player. It’s not Cesc’s fault that a deal can’t be done, but it certainly is not Arsenal’s. We don’t need the money that they have not got.

    The could even try to get Cesc on the cheap then sell him on for a profit to help their nearly bankrupt stasis. Lets face it the whole of Spain is skating on thin ice not just Barca. Do not give them any credit Arsenal.

  6. silent stan says:

    i dont think 45m is silly money. the offer of 29 was silly. if he puts a request in then we wont have to pay him his 5%. plus he should be made to pay back the 3m lump sum he got last april for signing a new improved contract. LAST APRIL FFS. how can he come back as captain. he has been downright insulting in his refusal to say he is staying but not asking for a transfer
    he is now way down in my estimation i hope we do sell him, for the right amount, and invest the money in the team, we would be better for it.

  7. Shannon says:

    Cesc got emotional when he was speaking about his grandfather, who passed away a few months ago. He was remembering the trip they took to Camp Nou together as a child, and it made him cry. I was there in the crowd! The Spanish press are dirty!

  8. rizal says:

    PhilandoTorres are clueless… :)

  9. Kipmonster says:

    I propose that Arsenal fans World wide post letters once a week for the next four weeks to UEFA & FIFA complaining about Barcelona FC’s ‘tapping up’ of Cesc Fabregas. Also post a letter just once to Arsenal FC requesting that they formally complain to UEFA & FIFA. I have drawn up 3 template letters that I will email to willing participants. All you need to do is type in your own Name & Address before printing off & posting. Momentum will be boosted by you forwarding the email to every one of your Arsenal FC fan family & friends, encouraging them to participate.
    Please see …. http://www.goonerettesonline.co.uk/452/other/an-overview-of-the-cesc-saga-time-for-the-fans-to-bite-back/#more-452
    The aim of repetitive letters is to create an Admin headache for UEFA & FIFA with thousands of letters received from all over the world & display the strength of feeling from Arsenal FC fans. The purpose of the single letter to Arsenal FC is again to display the strength of feeling from us fans.
    My email address for this campaign from where I will email you the letter templates is …….. ArsenalFansHateBarcelonaFC@gmail.com

  10. DJ says:

    Barca are trying to steal him? Isn’t that how Wenger got him in the first place? Kiddie Poacher.

  11. simone says:

    The Spanish can’t help having the best players in the world. He should leave Arsenal cause i’m sure they’re not gonna win shit this season.

  12. Bawly says:

    Just fuckin go. another shit story about how much he loves both clubs. If hes happy at Arsenal come out and say so.

    PS: How long has he been in Spain now after the world cup?

  13. deckard says:

    he went home and had a holiday after the world cup? wtf is wrong with that. kuyt spend his in holland the whole time. it shouldn’t be an issue. what is that fabregas should make an official statement cos all the reports i’m having to read about this in the papers every day is getting ridiculous. as if no other football news matters anymore.

    yes wenger may’ve lured him and i’m not debating whether it’s o.k to get a player before he’s 18. however, cesc had put serious thought into his future when he was still at barca and realised he’d have a difficult time getting into the team with players like xavi and iniesta ahead of him. you could say in hindsight it was the best decision he ever made cos we can now see that for spanish side he hardly gets a game.

  14. Mike says:

    He’s taking his talents to South Beach

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