Cesc Fabregas Stays At Arsenal, Admits Move To Barcelona Was ‘Attractive’

Ollie Irish

6th, August 2010


By Ollie Irish

In which Cesc breaks his silence and confirms what many of us suspected:

“Firstly, I would like to apologise to all the Arsenal fans for not speaking sooner about my future but I’ve not known what I was going to do until this moment.

“I cannot deny that joining a club like Barcelona was not an attractive move for me. This was the club I learned my football, my hometown, where all my friends and family are and a club I have always dreamed of playing.

“There’s not many players in the world who would not want to play for Barcelona.

“I have had many conversations with Arsene Wenger, both in person and over the telephone in the last few months. And although the contents of those conversations will remain private the conclusion is that Barcelona have had two formal offers rejected by Arsenal.

“I am a professional and fully understand that is Arsenal’s prerogative not to sell me.

“I owe a lot to the club, the manager and the fans and I will respect their decision and concentrate on the new season ahead with Arsenal.

“I can assure all the fans that now the negotiations are ended I will be 100 per cent focused on playing for Arsenal.

“I am an Arsenal player and as soon as I step out on to the pitch this is the only club I will be thinking about. I am looking forward to the start of the season and putting all of this speculation behind me.”

So Barcelona can crawl under a stone for another season. As I’ve said before, their shameless pursuit of Fabregas brought football into disrepute, so this news is a small helping of karma. I hope it tastes like shit.

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  1. Clancy says:

    Nice for a player to be honest and not feed us his “I was never going to leave” Stevie I-was-a-Chelsea-player-until-scouse-mafia-threatened-to-blow-my-house-up Gerrard bull.

    <3 Cesc.

  2. Chicago gooner says:

    Sick of the fabregas scenario,please sign a fucking defender.and a good one at that

  3. jide says:

    Fabregas his a real gem, he has proven it series of time, infact he can stay for the rest of his life time provided arsenal start to winnig trophys. now dt he has decided to stay, wenger shuld pls try to sign a goal keepr (joe Hart), & a gud defendr like mexes, hangeland, merserker, Tasci, zapata, jaglieka & Cahil. Anyone of these will surely means dt arsenal is in business. In ARSENE WE TRUST.

  4. Michael says:

    Ok, now is the right time to grab a goalkeeper COME ON, WENGER!

  5. admin says:

    we shoudl have sold him, but Barca are so financially stuffed that I think they couldn’t physically have got the mony together anyhow. Does annoy me tho. How would Barca fans feel if Newell’s Old Boys had pulled the same stunt with Messi and offered rubbish money.

    Quite frankly I have no respect for Barca now. they were once a great club but have behaved in such a shoddy way, any other club would have felt the wrath of UEFA.

  6. The 100% Greek says:

    I like the spelling of MERTESACKER above as merserker,sounds like BERSERKER! Arsenal looking for a keeper? What happened to ALMUNIA? ROMA WILL NOT SELL MEXES (unless they get a huge amount of money,probably from REAL)

  7. Zander The Great says:

    Well, good to know that Fabregas has finally ended the constant bitching by Barcelona players…Wenger has been right, Arsenal needs his presence in the midfield!!

    As for Barcelona…Im looking at them the same way as I do with Real Madrid after this episode: As classless thugs. Why barter a player with money you clearly dont have, and end up pissing a team off in the process?

  8. AmericaTheBeautiful says:

    What “helping of karma” are you talking about? If he doesn’t go this year, he will go next year. He obviously wants to leave. Is one more year of Fabregas that important to Arsenal fans?

  9. deckard says:

    because they take out loans and hopefully repay them back. real madrid even paid for zidane’s transfer back in the day with money they didn’t have but needed to loan. it’s by far not the worst part.

    it’s all be hyped up, the barca players were probably asked for an opinion on cesc and they gave it. so what. it doesn’t make puyol a classless thug because he’d like to see cesc back home.

    funny i don’t hear none of you hypocritical gunners bitching anymore about the fact arshavin severally times said in the past he’d move to barca if they ever showed interest in him.

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