Pub debate: Who’s in the wrong, Ashley Cole or Arsenal?


14th, September 2006


The latest excerpts from Ashley Cole’s sizzling autobiography reveal that he almost crashed his car when his agent told him that Arsenal had offered him just £55,000 a year, rather than the £60,000 he claimed he’d been promised. Cole writes: ‘I nearly swerved off the road. "He is taking the piss, Jonathan [Barnett, Cole’s agent]!" I
yelled down the phone. I was so incensed. I was trembling with anger. I
couldn’t believe what I’d heard.’

A slight overreaction, I’d say. In Cole’s tiny mind, this isn’t about the money – it’s about the principle, about being disrespected, about David Dein ‘taking the piss’. Does Cole have a point in all this, or is he just another spoilt brat? Add a comment and let us know your views…

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  1. Rob P says:

    Can the police give him a back-dated fixed penalty for driving on his mobile?!!

  2. James Mckenzie says:

    Cole is a deluded, selfish little pratt!!