‘Fabregas Is Captain, But He Is Not A Leader’ – Denilson Misquoted?

Chris Wright

19th, January 2011


By Chris Wright

“You’re shit mate!”

Arsenal’s tag-along midfielder Denilson has done what any right-minded fellow would do hours before an FA Cup third-round replay in which he was due to start, and got stuck into his club captain, Cesc Fabregas, criticising the Spaniard’s apparent lack of leadership skills.

In an interview with Arsenal Brasil (published in English on Arseblog), the 22-year-old said:

“We are lacking leadership and we need leadership to go forward. There isn’t a leader. I don’t see one player as a leader.

“At Arsenal it’s more of a collective team at the moment, everyone is talking – but a leader is always important for a team.

“Fabregas is the captain but he is not a leader. It’s a personality thing and a leader can be young. It’s something they are born with.”

Nice one Denny, that’s how you win over the doubters.

Do you think he may have a point (Cesc does tend to get a bit mopey when he’s under the cosh)? Or is he, as per usual, talking utter cobblers?

UPDATE: Cesc attempted to clear up this tabloid mess via Twitter, posting this blurry pic of him and Denilson in a chummy pose:

It was all a big “misunderstanding”, says Cesc. Fire, meet extinguisher.

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  1. Ollie Irish says:

    Cesc has cleared up this mess on Twitter.

  2. Mondo says:

    You’re supposed to credit Arseblog as well you bed-wetting hack.

  3. PeterMac says:

    Who is Denilson to criticise anyone!! He, Denilson is lazy, arrogant and a below average Arsenal footballer. He is nothing like a “prolific” brazilian player. Wenger get rid of him!

  4. Chris says:

    Jeez Louise, that little guy moves fast. Does he ever actually do anything in training other than work on his Twitter thumb manoeuvres?

  5. Dan says:

    Who do you think would become captain when he f’s off back to Spain?

  6. Chris says:

    Fabregas doesn’t just change a game by his presence and performance, his presence on the pitch changes his team mates’ performance as well. I think that’s a fairly good indication that he is a leader.

  7. Mr. Volatile says:

    denilson is right fabregas is shit, cannot lead anything cos he is a self centered arrogant prick

  8. Mr. Volatile says:

    denilson is right fabregas is shit, cannot lead anything cos he is a self centered arrogant prick

  9. Bob Vincent says:

    Hey guys, what is all this shit U guys are talking about? Lets focus, in every house, there’s always a unique breed of child; from same mum and dad ok? We are changing focus, due to mood swings. Fabregas is mature to cool the heat. Lets focus. Arsenal is a great team and both the players are unique in their own ways guys. WE ARE WINNING THIS TIME ROUND – I BET.

  10. Egidio says:

    Denilson is talking rubbish, at the moment he is the weakest link at Arsenal, he is lazy, slow, loses concentration all the time and can’t even defent and have been conceding so many penalties unnecessarily, look how he was beaten when we played FC Braga in the Champions League how he was exposed and even against, Leeds in the first leg… he must know what he is talking about. How many games did they not struggle without Cesc’s leadership and inspiration? He should just be sold so we get a better back up for Song. Wilsher is a much better player than Denilson, he must watch his mouth

  11. mr kennedy munane says:

    who is Denilson,Fabregas changes everything in the field when he is playing. He brings flow of the game,he coordinates his team mates very well and when he looses he feels it and apologizes but i don’t think denilson can do that or is just because he is jealousy of him

  12. Gunner says:

    Fabregas has already made up his mind, see how he played the Arsenal Vs Ipswich game, can you please allow him to leave. For God’s sake for how long can you preserve the dead body of a king maker?

  13. Is Denilson campaigning to be a captain?
    Who is he? when compared among Arsenal first Squad.

  14. Moscos - Nairobi Kenya says:

    Denilson is definitely misquoted – Fab is a fab leader and is respected in the squad;

    These are the qualities of a good leader:

    1.He does not despise or look down upon others
    2.He does not use pseudo names to attack others or make their point
    3.He does not get angry or “easily” annoyed
    4.His principles are not easily swayed.
    5.He does not forget those that contributed to their success
    6.He does not take advantage of others
    7.He does not pretend to be your friend when not.
    8.He does not demand a raise or promotion when not deserving
    9.He does not choose jealousy as a way of life
    10.He does not lie

    One cannot deny that Cesc has all these qualities

  15. Anonymous says:

    we really do need a leader at gunners.thats right Dennilson.skill is not wisdom!

  16. kamuntu Reagan says:

    I think Denlison is just stressed, Fabrigas has some good qualities of a good leader cos once he enters the pitch everything changes that means Players believe in him

  17. elvi says:

    at the moment we should focus on our transfer market that wenger is buying who? time is running out..we have plenty of time for this shits talk…

  18. Let’s look at the word “captain” and “leader”
    To captained mean to lead a team or group of people which has got no difference from leadership.
    What does Denilson mean by saying Fabrigas is just a captain but not a leader? What’s the difference of the two (2) words.

  19. Denilson should take his way instead of wasting time in criticism towards Arsenal Leader Fabrigas. He can’t be compared to the 2010 world cup winner.

  20. denilson is a baby says:

    how many goals did denilson score last year? 5 fabregas scored 19

    how many assists did denilson get 0 or 1 fabregas 15

    whithout fabregas in the game, arsenal r weak. with denilson in the game arsenal r shit. so fabregas won the best leader in the premier league for last month. so denilson should watch his language before some shit team signs him.

  21. weaselfeatures says:

    Denilson is rubbish he is the last person that should be talking about leadership. He cant tackle looses the ball too often and his game consists of passing the ball to a nearby teammate no more than 5 metres away

  22. kakakakak says:

    by the way what is the d/r b/n captain and leadership

  23. 1918 says:

    Denilson is a ball watcher and well, makes dumb plays with occasional brilliance. Adios I say!

  24. jackson Nakusa, Lodwar Kenya. says:


    You do not know how aburden you become to arsenal anytime you are playing in that middle field? Uncalled for tacles, blind passes and sometimes hasty decisions.

    You know what? Fab is beyond your game by bigger margine and any time is in the filed or when he comes into the pitch, arsenal typical game is restored. What then do you need from him? If you need manager, arsen wenger is there for you. Concentrate in you game and stop watching other players doing their game.

  25. lemuna says:

    That is exactly what it takes for one to be for the team. you sacrifice yourself untill you colide with you colleagues. Fantastic for my heros Den & Fab. keep it up and battle up for your loving team and for your loving fans. only don’t let people a round you stir you up to fight or make you not be in good terms with one another. shield for your arsenal a blessed London Club.

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