Alex McLeish Brands Jack Wilshere A ‘Cyber-Bully’

Chris Wright

4th, March 2011


By Chris Wright

Birmingham manager Alex McLeish has (in a round-about way) branded Jack Wilshere a ‘cyber-bully’ after the Arsenal midfielder took to Twitter to call out Barry Ferguson for slapping Laurent Koscielny on the head during the Carling Cup final last weekend.

Ferguson appeared to taunt the Koscielny as the centre-back knelt dejected on the Wembley turf after gifting Birmingham their winning goal, which led Wilshere to tweet:

“Well done to the BCFC player who slapped Koscielny on the head when they scored, very big of you!”

When asked about Wilshere’s remarks, McLeish replied:

“It’s not my world, Twitter and all that stuff. Cyber-bullying is not for me. We’ll draw a line under it and move forward.”

Just hang on a tick, who’s the bully?

McLeish also confirmed that Ferguson had struggled through the last 30 minutes or so at Wembley with a broken rib:

“For him to play for another half-an-hour, it shows his pain threshold. It’s frightening but it shows the character of the guy to do that.”

No offence Eck, but of the two incidents, we’re fairly sure which is more indicative of Barry Ferguson’s character.

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  1. So McLeish doesn’t have much time for cyber-bullying, but physical bullying is okay with him? Ah.

  2. Chris says:

    Quote:- “No offence Eck, but of the two incidents, we’re fairly sure which is more indicative of Barry Ferguson’s character.”

    Now, you would say that, wouldn’t you? After all, apart from Birmingham City fans, the rest of the footballing ‘world’ have been going out of their way to detract from the fact that, on the day, the better (and more deserving) team won.

    These little upstarts from Birmingham were suppose to just roll over and let mighty and glorious Arsenal show off their pretty, pretty football and, then pick up a cup that the (classless) Mr Wenger didn’t, until recently, even think was worth winning.

    Is it not time that Birmingham were given the credit for their victory and Londoners came to terms with the fact that, for all but 20 minutes of the second half, Arsenal were both outplayed and outclassed.

  3. goonerdan says:

    hahaha just my thoughts as well kieran, mcliesh is a mug

  4. Chris says:

    @Chris – No anti-Brum bias or detracting going on here, just happen to think Ferguson is a bit of a git when all is said and done.

    In reference to the Carling Cup article, you may have issue with the wording but it’s hard to argue that Arsenal didn’t ‘gift the trophy’ to the Blues (regardless of anything else that may have happened during the rest of the game) considering what happened in the 86th minute.

  5. K P V says:

    yeh what the hell man , you go jackie boy , you go

    follow me on twitter @andrewabrahim yall

  6. C says:

    Can you stop spamming your twitter acount Andrew? Nobody wants to follow some random retard just because he says so.

  7. HerpMcDerp says:

    Mr Brahim,

    As per your continued sollicitations, I decided to follow your link to your twitter profile to see if you are worthy of your own lofty promotions. I was disappointed to find out that you have blocked to non-followers the profile you so desperately want people to see. However, there are a few clues about your worthiness as a twitter followee to be found. First, your picture. I’m going to guess that you are one of those people who thinks they’re very wacky and fun, but who is the only one to hold that opinion. David Brent springs to mind. You also live in Houston, TX, which in my experience is the most boring city in America. There are retirement communities in Scottsdale AZ with more chance of providing a thrilling weekend than Houston. For these reasons, I politely decline your request to follow you on twitter.


    H. McD

  8. Michael D says:

    In the defense of Houston, we do have some great Tex-Mex restaurants.
    And some of the most obese people around. AND, we have to drive 20 minutes in any direction to get places. And basically the city was built on swamp-ish land. But other than that, its very lovely here :)

  9. Chris also says:

    Too many Chris’ around. I am now officially Chris also. Must get a fancy icon. And although I applaud the wrist slap for the irritating pleas for a Twitter follow I also have to add that there are definitely more coma-inducing locales than Houston, TX. It’s a big sprawling country just packed with burbs and towns brimming over with a whole lot of nothing going on.
    So, yeah, what were we talking about? OH! McLeish just might have a smidge of a moral compass problem. So there.

  10. Bexsy says:

    Herp, thank you for this very serious analysis. I will follow your lead in not following Andrew on twitter (I don’t have a twitter account anyway)

  11. Scott says:

    Everyone gets it! Brum won! Congrats coming from this Arsenal fan. But get over it already. I’m completely embarrassed my the gifted goal we allowed in the dying minutes of the match, but it’s over. We get it. You were the underdog. But let me direct you to the league table. Please enjoy the league cup title (as you only your team deserved it, obviously). We’ll keep playing “pretty football” and stay in a title hunt, while you battle relegation.

  12. K P V says:

    yall just sippin straight purp

    follow me on twitter @andrewabrahim yall

  13. Del says:

    @Chris – I agree with everything you said. They expected us to just roll over and die for Arsenal and now they’re just pissed off that we didn’t.

    Now if it was an Arsenal player who had done the same thing everyone would be making animated gifs of it and laughing and saying how funny it was and how Arsenal couldn’t be more perfect.

    So in the heat of the moment a Birmingham player pats an Arsenal players head as he runs past to celebrate a trophy they haven’t won in 48 years.

    Then people act like he broke Koscielny’s neck or something!

  14. fiqru akalu says:

    i love you wilshereok

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