UEFA Charge Arsenal Pair With ‘Improper Conduct’

Chris Wright

9th, March 2011


By Chris Wright

Arsenal pair Arsene Wenger and Samir Nasri have both been charged with ‘improper conduct’ by UEFA’s disciplinary committee over comments made to referee Massimo Busacca during last night’s Champions League tie with Barcelona.

UEFA have also confirmed that Arsenal are facing a secondary charge after being held responsible for both the first and second halves of last night’s game starting late.

The icing on the dog turd, so to speak.

Both cases will go before UEFA’s Control and Disciplanary Body on 17th March, with Wenger and Nasri each staring down the barrel of a two-match ban should they eventually be found guilty of saying angry nasty words to the ref man.

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  1. Nicko says:


    what the fuck is going on at UEFA? wheres the punishment for the ref?

    I cannot believe managers can’t put their points across about refs, especially when they are as fucking shit as that!!!!!

  2. K P V says:

    hey arsene not funny now


    follow me on twitter @andrewabrahim yall

  3. Michael says:


  4. D says:

    FUCK that! Even if you give Wenger a ban there’s no way you can let the ref’s go without anything being done! WTF if happening to this sport?

  5. Raider says:

    Now all you Gunners fans know how Chelsea felt two years ago, just be thankful it was not the semi-final or your bitching would have been a lot worse and Massimo Busacca would have been the next Ovenbru. Both in my eyes are a fucking disgrace but, my only question is do you really think Arsenal would have advanced with 11 men?, the goal was a gift and Barca were rolling, especially at home and they were picking Arsenal apart.

  6. dan says:

    To be fair to Mr Busacca, he should have sent van Persie off for the challenge that got him his first yellow card – two hands in the face of Alves, regardless of circumstances, is a straight red. Also before Arsenal fans whinge of the injustice of it all, Lionel Messi’s goal in the first leg was ruled out thanks to some inept linesmanship, and he should have been awarded a penalty in the first half last night. So Barcelona have more reason to feel hard done by, if anything.

  7. Andy Jo says:

    @Nicko @Michael, now now children, no need to speak like that, leave that language for your sore loser Damager. It’s not always, only, the refs alleged poor performance when your team lose, last night ArseNil played kak (terrible). Now wash your mouths with soap & eat your spinnage so that you can grow up to be big & strong.

  8. Nicko says:

    @Andy Jo.

    Your a bright spark aren’t you.

    I’m not even an arsenal fan.

  9. Nicko says:

    @Andy Jo

    1) Who said ars lost because of the ref? Ars were awful.

    2) If you can’t admit the referee giving RVP a 2nd yellow for that, then your the one who needs to grow up don’t u think.

    Tosser. =D

  10. goonerdan says:

    if we’re out we’re out i’m not complaining about that
    but the ref was absolutely shocking, no consistency at all and i also hate how refs fall for dani alves’ dives, jeeesus

  11. jon says:

    @nicko & michael

    you guys are priceless! im not a barca fan, much the opposite actually, but yesterday arsenal were on the losing end of a training match. that’s it, that’s all. what’s next? you both shouting “WE CAN START GAMES LATE IF WE WANT TO, UEFA IS JUST BIAS!!”

  12. Les says:

    Anyone think that UEFA just don’t want the English teams to do well? Remember Tom Henning Ovrebo? And @ Andy Joe, is it too much to ask that the top level of world club football that the referee’s make the right calls? When a referee makes a bad decision that fundamentally changes the nature of the game, the clubs should have the right to complain- (these charges on Wenger and Nasri are ridiculous)

  13. Scott says:

    Lest us not forget Abidal’s throat grab and Alves’ throat grab on Nasri. Yellow cards of course. Wait a minute. No punishment at all, same with Alves’ scissor tackle on Jack. My club may be out, but now my club is whoever is playing Barca.

  14. fatty nolan says:

    follow me on twitter @nobodygivestwoshinyshitsaboutyourtwitter Y’ALL

  15. Calski says:

    Dear Pies, Please stop letting people having all this “follow me on twitter” nonsense. It’s a load of shit, and the gerneral concensus of Pies readers is that it’s piss annoying.

  16. says:

    If UEFA didn’t want English teams to do well they wouldn’t get 4 champion’s league spots. In terms of any injustice you feel based on the referee, now you know what an American feels like after every World Cup.

  17. Nicko says:


    if you paid attention you’d see i’m shocked with the refs booking of RVP.

    couldn’t give a flying fcuk about ars losing.

    Wind your neck in cunt.

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