Cup-Tying Samir Nasri: Is Wenger Really That Petty And Vindictive?

Chris Wright

23rd, August 2011


By Chris Wright

With a move to Man City lingering, it seems that Samir Nasri is rapidly approaching the end of his brief, intermittently scintillating tenure at Arsenal. However, due to a whole heap of mithering over agent’s fees, it is unlikely that a deal will be struck before Wednesday night – which just so happens to be the evening that Arsenal attempt to defend their narrow first-leg Champions League play-off lead against Udinese in Udine.

You may well of noticed that, despite being on the verge of leaving and despite being roundly sounded out as a ‘c**t’ by his own supporters in the game previous, Nasri actually took to the field for Arsenal against Liverpool on Saturday and the word on the wire is that the Frenchman may also start for the Gunners in Italy tomorrow night.

Which, in and of itself, is perfectly legit, seeing as though he is indeed a registered member of their first-team squad and all.

Of course, Arsenal are well within their rights to field one of their better players as the club’s Champions League fate hangs in the balance, though the decision to field Nasri against Udinese on the eve of a move to City could only really be seen as a vindictive ploy on Wenger’s behalf.

As you’re probably aware, Wenger would be knowingly cup-tying Nasri for all of City’s European games for the rest of the season, an eventuality that Roberto Mancini has called ‘unthinkable’.

But is it?

It would seem that several media organs are intent on having us believe that Arsene Wenger is falling apart at the seams – slowly sliding into a catatonic, reclusive madness. After all, with Cesc gone and his inflatable water-slide packed up until next summer, what does he have to live for?

His ‘crazy, drowned-rat hair rub’ on the sidelines as Arsenal fell to Liverpool over the weekend was pin-pointed on MotD as some kind of public breakdown. It was, of course, just teeming with rain.

The man speaks 50-odd languages for Christ’s sake – including several defunct Mayan tongues and Klingon – it’s not as if the completely over-cooked loss of one homesick Catalan mard-arse is going to pick apart his central cortex overnight, now is it? I’m fairly sure that his faculties are little more deep-rooted than that.

However, due to this new public depiction, we’re still led to believe that, after being backed into a corner by City and their burly, wallet-wielding henchman, this entirely fabricated crazy ‘Joker-Wenger’ is going to lash out one last time and ‘poison Gotham City’s water supply’ by bringing on Nasri for the last 30 seconds against Udinese.

A cut-and-dry case of “If I can’t have him, NO-ONE CAN!! Mwuhahahahahaaaa!!!”, if you will.

Realistically speaking, if Wenger opts to play Nasri then Man City will be forced to pull out of the deal and pursue other options if they don’t fancy blowing £25 million on a marquee signing that can only play domestically – a fact that Wenger himself must be aware of.

This last desperate shit-flick-to-the-eyes (only brought about by sheer, anomalous fixture list-related serendipity) would ensure that he will be able to hold on to the player for another six months at the very least – though another six months of surly martyrdom from the ‘talent’ is unlikely to be particularly well received at the Emirates this season.

Truth is, it’s a bit of a pickle, and so the question that goes out is this: should any given manager venture only to serve the needs of his own club, or would fielding Nasri tomorrow evening just be one colossal (if slightly amusing for the neutral) dick move on Wenger’s part?

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  1. Lukass says:

    He should definitely play him,then the sheikh and that prick mancini can stick their filthy money where the sun don’t shine… P.S. If uefa are really serious about the ffp rules,Man Shitty has no way of playing CL football in 2 years time,so there you have it,fair play to them…

  2. adam says:

    @Lukass: if they play him and they “stick their filthy money where the sun dont shine” then he will likely join man ure next summer on a free – what would you prefer? He plays for citeh and arsenal get £25mil, or he stays and joins united next summer and arsenal receive zilch??

  3. Tinez says:

    I’m not really sure about the motivation or necessity for this article. Arsene Wenger isn’t an idiot, he won’t play Nasri if he wants/doesn’t mind him being sold, and thus jeopardise that big selling fee. Similarly, if he wants to keep Nasri then he will play him in a huge game for which he could use the talent.

    Wenger is a very sound business mind in terms of selling his players, this article seems to imply that he wants to fuck the people that will pay him £25m, it’s not a logical article.

  4. lordrt says:

    I wouldnt say “Petty And Vindictive”, wengy needs this man in his squad right now
    if city want him, he can still play for them in the EPL, dnt tell me they will buy him with the hope of winning the CL this season

  5. John says:

    If he stays and if his contribution is critical to securing a top 4 finish then that will be worth more than £25 million to Arsenal

  6. markmcfc says:

    lukARSE you thick stupid prick how can you say man shitty erm what position did you finish last season and what position are you in now you prick haha hope you get beat tonight then you will be in uefa cup where you belong you stupid COCKney wanker hop you get relegated think arsehole wenger needs to start looking at teams like woking,altrincham,stockport and crewe for players cos its only shit players who will want to join a shite club like yours :) you will enjoy it next season in the championship next season i hope spurs do well this season and get your 4th champs league spot hahahahahha

  7. Themba says:

    Let’s say he plays tomorrow and he helps Arsenal qualify. In that case, Arsenal will get more revenue[gate receipts,tv money etc]than what ManCity are offering.Also, no amount of money can beat the excitement of watching your team play on tuesday or wednesday nights. Yes, Arsenal risk losing him for free but a club as big as Arsenal can afford to take such a hit.

  8. Dawg says:

    I think he would play as a last resort not cos wenger’s petty… You bell end. You’re as bad as John cross…

  9. kk says:

    playing samir makes sense if you comsider that man shitty only want to pay £22 million for him and if arsenal go through that grantees £25 million windfall from eufa. so we gain nothing by not playing him, i would understand if man shitty had come in with £30million for the player. and to the thick ginger wanker markmcfc sister fucking inbreed there is only one team in manchester and thats manure utd not man shitty the league is not awarded for winning the first two games but by finishing top of the league end of season which will next year.

  10. John says:

    Considering he was omitted from the squad before this article was published this article seem petty itself.

  11. herman says:

    My view is that it’s a well placed article. It’s a gamble either way: £25-30m for qualification from EUFA and losing a player on the cheap next year vs. £22m for sale and losing a good player immdiately. Financially it therefore makes more sense to play him if you think you can’t win the tie without him… but I feel we’ll win it anyway, and wenger seems to agree – apparently he’ll be in man shitty on wednesday having a medical now…

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  13. TravisKOP says:

    @chris: “Wenger’ is going to lash out one last time and ‘poison Gotham City’s water supply’” that wasnt the joker is was Ra’s al Ghul man!

  14. :) says:

    @TravisKOP – no one gives a shit

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