Sport Magazine Admit To Fab-rication Of Cesc Story

Alan Duffy

20th, September 2011


By Alan Duffy

You can (obviously) believe everything you read at Pies, but as for everywhere else, don’t believe a word. “Sport” magazine caused a bit of a furore recently when they printed an interview with Barcelona new-boy Cesc Fabregas, in which the former Arsenal captain was quoted as saying that he left the Gunners as they had no chance of winning a trophy in the foreseeable future.

Well, surprise surprise, it seems that the whole piece was as credible as Paul Merson’s TV punditry career. Indeed, Cesc has since Tweeted:  “Got the apology and retraction from that magazine that made up an interview about me. Can’t believe some journalists. I will also get……..damages that I will give to charity. Hope it teaches them a lesson. I would NEVER say a bad word about Arsenal Football Club.”

He may have left Arsenal, but he certainly seems to have a left a little piece of his heart in north London.

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  1. Dickie says:

    Above all appreciate that Fábregas put the effort in to get this retracted etc. These kinds of incidents should be greater publicised to discredit the magazines that make this kind of thing up. Too often it’s swept under the carpet.

  2. Montesquieu says:

    Probably the same idiots who worked at News of the World.

  3. Chris says:

    Sad to say this magazine making up an interview with Cesc isn’t even surprising in any way. Over the past two years over and over members of the British media have just invented interviews they supposedly conducted with Barcelona players that never happened. Just made them up.

    And the main point of nearly all of those invented interviews was some purported insult from Barcelona to Arsenal. And many of those lies are still thought to have been actually stated and true.

    Now that Cesc is on Barcelona it has happened to him. It’s pathetic. But it taps into a vein of anger that generates attention and page views so they do it.

    Barcelona acted poorly towards Arsenal. But much of the ill will was amplified by wholly fabricated quotes that were never said but just invented to by the media.

  4. dc says:

    This is the Spanish media, but yes, all your points about the British media are correct

  5. Titus says:

    Sport is a Spanish magazine

  6. chimpo says:

    fair fookin play to fabregas you have to say.

    im no gunners fan but i sincerely hope that when they inevitably draw each other in 1st knockout round of champions league that they give him a standing ovation

  7. Bramble says:

    No Dc, no Titus. The Sport WAS a French magazine that went broke, then it was bought by TalkSport which is a British company.

  8. MGJ says:

    It’s not a Spanish media thing, it’s just a MEDIA thing. Big stories attract readers who will look through publications that have adverts that pay big money to get seen. All the sports papers do it.

  9. Jan says:

    It’s about “Sport magazine”, the free UK magazine. He gave an interview to “Sport” (Spanish paper) too, which was real.

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