Arsenal Hit Back At Press Jibes Over Empty Seats At The Emirates

Alan Duffy

23rd, September 2011


By Alan Duffy

Following the Gunners’ less-than-impressive 3-1 Carling Cup home victory over Shrewsbury Town during the week, the newspapers were quick to note the attendance at that game at the Emirates, (46,539) which was well below the stadium capacity.

However, the papers weren’t so quick to highlight the far smaller crowds at the likes of the Etihad Stadium during the other mid-week Carling Cup games, something that obviously irked Arsenal themselves.

Indeed, in a rather clever move by the club, they have published the attendances from all the Premier League and Carling Cup games from the last week on their website, with only Manchester United’s league clash with Chelsea at Old Trafford bettering that Shrewsbury game attendance.

A bold move from the usually torpid Arsenal PR team.

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  1. Chris says:

    Apparently, the attendance was only around 6,000 fewer than all of the other four Premier League clubs combined on Tues night.

    Also (thanks to F365 for the stats here), Arsenal’s attendance was 77% of the Emirates’ capacity. Stoke attracted 53%, Villa 52%, Wolves 28% and Blackburn languishing on 23%.

  2. and what says:

    bottom-line; papers are cunts.

  3. mike says:

    Jesus, it is Arsenal v Shrewsbury Town in the Carling Cup… That attendance is damned incredible for such a match. The press just loves to pounce on a club when it’s down.

  4. Fred Tissue says:

    It just seems Arsenal are the easy target at the moment. This is so typical of the press – highlighting something to try and fit it into the current agenda, and ignoring evidence which doesn’t support the theory.

    And nothing is said about the 25000 at city! Despite being on an all time high, the ground was only half full, when you’d think with the players they’ve got, and the start they’ve had, and after years of mediocrity, the fans would be climbing over the walls to get in, desparate to see this ‘wonder’ team! And this with the club practically giving away cheap tickets as well. Just shows that you cant always believe the myths about there being more city fans in Manchester. 20000 empty seats, are you @$#*$# sure?

    You can buy a team, but you can’t buy fans…….

  5. RyanSSL says:

    I have seen a ton of empty seats at Wigan, City, Arsenal, Villa, Wembley etc. I wish EPL fans would quit using empty seats as a way to attack Serie A when your own stadiums are empty! This economy is hurting a lot of people around Europe. I think you are going to see more and more empty seats as long as the games are available on tv.

  6. Mark says:

    Same old Arsenal missing the point again I see. This is their lowest attendance for any match since they moved to the Emirates. What’s the point in comparing with other teams – this says plenty about the situation at Arsenal. They have always been able to fill their stadium which is great but this is a stark reminder that the fans will leave if you suck this bad.

  7. Andy says:

    The English press is horrible. If papers like NOTW and The Sun can exist then you can expect some shite reporting

  8. HalfCutHero says:

    Yeah, but equally as shit are the BBC, the Guardian, The Times, The Telegraph, The Inde – everyone has an Arsenal “crisis” blog.

    Fair play to the Arsenal fans, like. Honestly, 46k against Shrewsbury? That’s good work like. At least they’re a real club, unlike Man City. I’m not sure what that even is.

  9. Clerkenwell Gooner says:

    I was at the game, a lot of fans like me go, especially younger ones, because the tickets are priced low – £5 for nippers, £10 for adults. For many of us, it’s all we can afford.

    I’ve been to the early stages of the Carling Cup when Arsenal is drawn at home for the past few years now, and that’s certainly the smallest crowd I’ve ever seen at such a fixture. The stadium has often been full previously – even though it’s mid-week, during term time – with huge numbers of teenage boys. (Outside of these matches, the usual Arsenal crowd is a lot of often grey-haired, middle-aged men, let’s be honest.)

    But people are really suffering financially at the moment with the ConDems’ insane austerity measures. Official unemployment is 2.5 million, but it’s much worse than that (so many people don’t qualify for benefits but aren’t included in the stats).

    Some people can’t even afford the crazy £1.30 London flat-rate single bus fare – so walking is back in fashion, even for the youth.

    46k attendance is exceptional in these circumstances. COYG.

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