Freddie Ljungberg struck down by cheese

Ollie Irish

17th, November 2006

Untitled_41 Untitled_39 Arsenal star Freddie Ljungberg was ruled out of Sweden‘s match against Ivory Coast on Wednesday by a piece of cheese. The midfielder accidentally ate the dairy product at an awards ceremony where he was voted Swedish Player of the Year.

Ljungberg, who has a cheese intolerance, was left vomiting in a bin and warning staff to be ready to call an ambulance after swallowing the food. Although Ljungberg was well enough to travel to France for the match, he suffered a relapse and was driven back to London by a friend. The food intolerance is thought to be linked to the migraines which have plagued Ljungberg’s career over the last couple of seasons. [Via The Sun]

[Rob Parker]

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