Paul Lambert Appointed Aston Villa Manager, Norwich Agree £1m Compensation

Chris Wright

2nd, June 2012


By Chris Wright

Just a quickie to let y’all know that Aston Villa have just announced that Paul Lambert has officially agreed a deal to become their new manager – leaving Norwich with a handful of memories and £1 million in their back pockets after two promotion in three seasons at Carrow Road.

Villa broke the news by releasing the following matter-of-fact statement via their club site: “The Board of Aston Villa are delighted to confirm that Paul Lambert has been appointed Villa manager.”

Yep. That was it.

Good move? Backwards step? Sideways crab-walk? YOU DECIDE.

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  1. Le Mulletmaster says:

    Definetly a good move. Come on VILLA!!!

  2. John says:

    Hopefully he will be given a chance to spend during the window. I mean Lerner has to give him a lot of money to spend. They sold Young, Milner and Downing for a hefty profit yet have not reinvested accordingly. Where did all that money go? The only way for AV to get back challenging for European places is to spend some dough!! I think this will be a good fit. Lambert has shown that he can spend money very wisely (made some great signings for Norwich with a tiny budget. Given a proper budget, he could really build a great team.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sideways crab-walk

  4. Harry says:

    As a Villa fan I can’t be happier. Good man manager. We have a decent young squad so there is alot of potential in that team..

  5. Fat Nakago says:

    As a Canaries fan, I wish we could have kept Lambert at Carrow Road as long as Sir Alex has stayed at Old Trafford. Yaarrghhh!! Why couldn’t we have had at least one more year with Lambert at helm!!

    I wish him well at Aston Villa and I suppose it’s slight step up for him. He’s done at lot for Norwich will always be held in the highest regard, except of course when we play Asston Villa twice next season…then he can just go to hell. Ditto for when Asston Villa plays Chelsea. But other than that, highest regards and best wishes. After all, us Green Bay Packers fans didn’t stop loving Vince Lombardi when he left the Pack in 1968 to coach the Washington Redskins.

    But dammit anyway!! Dammit to hell!! *grump*

  6. Jarren says:

    Have to say it’s a real shame that two of the promoted teams have lost their managers after one season.

    I suppose it’s to be expected, but even still it’s sad to see for Swansea & Norwich.

    Still, they still have their core squads and hopefully they’ll get decent managers who can keep them in that essential mid-table spot in the Premiership.

    They’re decent sides who have shown they can hold their own amongst the best, let’s just hope the new managers maintain that in their squads.

    As for Villa, well I’m sure they’re glad to be rid of McLeish for quite a few reasons. I do wonder what the future holds for him, it’s been a rough last few years in his career.

    Maybe back to manage a Scottish side?

    Villa under Lambert will be an interesting proposition. Not sure if they’ll do all that better next season as they did previously though, it’ll take some immense effort to even break into the top 10 next season.

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