Thomas Vermaelen Breaks Leg (Maybe), Kills My Fantasy Football Team

Ollie Irish

28th, January 2010


By Ollie Irish


Looks very much like Thomas Vermaelen might have fractured his fibula (lower leg) against Villa last night. Arsene Wenger revealed: “The news is not good. [Vermaelen] will have an X-ray on Thursday morning. He is on crutches. It could be a fracture to the top of the fibula. We’ll have to wait and see.”

This sucks for everyone except Arsenal’s Premier/Champion League rivals – including me. Vermaelen has been the defensive backbone of my fantasy team this season and I’m loathe to replace him – as Arsene Wenger must be slightly nervous about replacing him with 35-year-old Sol Campbell (though Sol did pretty well against Villa’s speedy forward line). But replace him we must.

It’s a massive blow for Arsenal. Of all the players to lose at the business end of the season, I believe only Cesc Fabregas is more crucial to the Gunners than Vermaelen. There is the slim hope that it’s a nerve injury, rather than a break, but given Arsenal’s luck with injuries this season, the safe money is on the latter.

UPDATED: He hasn’t broken his leg. Phew.