West Brom Write Special Aston Villa-Baiting Message On Match Ball For Arsenal Game (Photo)

Chris Wright

7th, October 2013


By Chris Wright

It would appear that someone in the Baggies camp hand-wrote a special little message on one of the match balls used during West Brom’s 1-1 draw with Arsenal at the Hawthorns yesterday, with centre-half Gareth McAuley posting an excited photo to his Twitter account in the dressing room having noticed the daubing during the game.

It is thought that the note is a reference to the West Brom fans’ chant “Pride of the Midlands, we know what we are” and was a little hidden barb directed at Aston Villa and, seeing as though he’s directly mentioned in McAuley’s Tweet, Baggies kitman Pat is currently the prime suspect – though the man himself has denied anyone involvement in the caper.

Indeed, Kitman Pat vehemently defended the message after being derided by a miffed Villa fan on Twitter after McAuley’s photo circulated, claiming that it doesn’t even contain a direct reference to any of West Brom’s rivals, telling @Maradona_AVFC10: “just for the record there is no mention of ur club on the ball…..get over it!”

So, the mystery remains – though Pies are getting a raging clue right now…


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  1. Fred says:

    Getting a draw against Arsenal doesn’t make you pride of the midlands when Villa actually beat Arsenal. And Villa are above West Brom in the table. Bizarre.

  2. BaggieBoy says:

    Thats true Fred, But finishing above The Vile the past 2 seasons and not being the most hated club in the Midlands does make Albion the “POTM”

  3. Leeeeee says:

    They are probably referring to the past couple of seasons. Don’t they know you won the European Cup in 1983?

  4. tismyk says:

    Another small club who play in blue and white whose envy over the mighty Villa, will surely follow the likes of Coventry and SHA into the wilderness.

  5. Bomber says:

    Seal in the net! Reel it in boys!!

  6. Baggie Bird says:

    Fred – We have had years of jibes of Villa being the top club in the region. The tables have turned for the past few years so we are just letting you know about it.

  7. swallavfc says:

    Obsessed with the Villa, we know what you are!

  8. Chris says:

    I think you’re both painfully average, lots of love, Bayern Munich FC. So there

  9. Heisenburger says:

    Wow finishing above Villa twice in West Broms 8 out of 22 seasons in the Premier League. How impressive. A few years ago Small Heath also thought they were top dogs in the Midlands when they beat Villa a few times, before they were put firmly back in their place.

  10. Stafford says:

    Albion and Villa in the top 4 should be all Midland fans ambition. The stuck up London clubs and lemming following northern ones need some competition.

  11. ken brown says:

    hello all,here we go again.wba doing ok for them.but over history and time.wba do not matter to much to us.make the most of your tiny rise to fame it will always be the way it always is.if by any chance you do manage to have a reasonable season.the future king will change the rules and set new laws.long live the king and villa.

  12. SGF says:

    So finishing above Villa twice wipes out 130 years of history? How very very small-time, but coming from a club who had an open top bus parade for finishing third in the old 3rd division should we be surprised?

  13. villa paul says:

    Birmingham city are Aston villa’s rivals not west brom never have never will be……..FACT
    a couple of half decent seasons to villa standards when we are going through a transition stage does not make you a better club…
    normal business has started to resume already this season….
    villa above the dowdies…

  14. gary says:

    villa founder members of prem league never been out of it west brom ???? didnt think so enough said, anyone with a abit of sense knows the top midlands club

  15. Ahhh, baby blue and plum . . .bless!

  16. Jarren says:

    Why not just join the teams together and call them Aston Brom?

    Or group all the teams from the region together to form Midlands United?

    You know, like Team Manchester and Merseyside Warriors.

  17. dnip says:

    Fair play to the baggies – they’ve had a little time in the sun and are enjoying it while it lasts. Reacting like children is exactly what they want from us villa fans… so stop getting so upset lads.

  18. Bournemouth Baggie says:

    That worked then……………………..

  19. Dan says:

    In all fairness if we’re going by history then surely Forest are the ‘Pride of the Midlands’
    Vile fans always harp on about that European cup win. Well Forest have done it twice.
    I am a West Brom fan and if I am honest I think all any midland team can hope for thesedays is survival. Neither of us are that great.

  20. Phil says:

    Same ole vile, thinking its all about you and we’re the obsessed ones ? Are lickle West Brom taking the glory away from you ? Bless, you can still think about 1982, even though most of you weren’t even a twinkle in daddys eye. The message on the ball doesn’t mention you, there are others team in the Midlands beside us and you. COYB SOTV

  21. Anonymous says:

    Nice to see Kitman Pat found work after cuts at the Post Office

  22. Dan says:

    About 10 years ago I had a really good job well payed and I enjoyed myself while it was happening. Now I have a shit job and I’m jus scrapping by. Moral of the storey is history Dnt mean fuck all it’s just a nice memory

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