John Carew Is Playing A Henchman Called ‘Igor’ In New Norwegian Gangster Movie

Chris Wright

22nd, May 2015

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By Chris Wright

What range this man has. He can even do ‘chronic trapped wind’

Former Aston Villa, Stoke and West Ham striker John Carew is appearing in a new film.

As Tweeted by the man himself, Høvdinger is a Norwegian gangster caper that is due to hit theatres as of June 2015.

By the looks of things there’s an awful lot of moody pouting involved…

We can hear the theme tune now:

“Høvdinger (wah, wah, waaaah). He’s the man, the man with menstruation-themed neck tattoo.”

Of course, Carew isn’t actually playing the title role as it’s just a Norwegian word that means “chiefs”. Rather he plays a pistol-toting henchman by the name of Igor.

Here’s the trailer…

This isn’t the first movie role Carew has landed since retiring from football in 2013, oh no.

In fact, he made his big screen debut the following year playing a fellow by the name of Robert in ‘Dead of Winter’.

Nope, us neither.

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1 Comment

  1. HJ says:

    Wait, after all these years you still haven’t got around the fact that he in fact does NOT have a ”menstruation-themed tattoo”? Wow, that IS journalism!

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