Martin O’Neill Resigns As Aston Villa Manager – A Cowardly Act

Ollie Irish

9th, August 2010


By Ollie Irish

Martin O’Neill has resigned as Aston Villa boss, with immediate effect. In a statement, he said: “I have enjoyed my time at Aston Villa immensely. It’s obviously a wrench to be leaving such a magnificent club.

“I would like to pay tribute to the Villa players, my coaching staff and the Villa supporters for all the support and encouragement they have given both the club and me personally during my time as manager.”

Bloody hell, I didn’t see this coming. Well, it’s not a total shock, but the timing has taken everyone by surprise.

My first thoughts: This is surely a preemptive move by MoN, as he knew Villa would inevitably fail to keep two of their best young players, namely James Milner (who is set to join Man City this week) and Ashley Young. And with no more transfer funds provided by Randy Lerner, O’Neill could see the only way was down; but to be harsh on the Northern Irishman, he’s a rat leaving a ship that is holed, arguably, but not yet sinking.

So it’s a shrewd decision, but also a rather cowardly one – of course, more details about the decision will come out soon enough and then I may change my opinion.

O’Neill quits in credit though, despite grumblings from some Villa fans, but I think he might he might have stayed and toughed this one out. It seems that O’Neill has grown more churlish and less charming of late, so he may find goodwill and sympathy in short supply. Finding another job… well, he won’t struggle there. I know some Fulham fans who will be pissed off about the timing of his resignation, unimpressed as they are with the hiring of Mark ‘Sparky’ Hughes (Sparky – what an inappropriate nickname for such a dour man).

What say you about O’Neill’s decision?

Villa fan Chris Nee’s informed take on MoN

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  1. Kolo says:

    Never liked the twat, so I’m not surprised.

  2. Thrillson says:

    Villa will struggle without him, who will take his place?

  3. slo-villa says:

    gutted, absolutely gutted. no Sven please. i’d love to see Martin Jol at Villa

  4. Nithin says:

    Actually amazingly some villains doesn’t recognise the top 6 finishes he produced for Aston villa.A far cry from the days of David o leary. More over despite the lavish spending by the likes of Tottenham and Mancity, for last two seasons, Aston villa was in hunt for fourth spot for good part. Well, no team can go forward by selling two good players in same season. well, you may call him coward, but he is right to leave when he is nomore loved. If people don’t like his philosophy to take the team to the next level, its better to leave the team to the hands of someone else.Now fans can be happy seeing the team nose diving to the levels of stoke city.

  5. eamogomez says:

    Quality manager improves players he proved it wit lecister, celtic and villa. milner has played his best days never play as well .big loss for villa bigger loss than any player!!!

  6. Nick says:

    Totally gutted. Expect Ash to follow Milner and MON through the exit door in the next few days. Top 6 a long way off now. Will struggle to make top 10 without MON. A sad day for a great club. New appointment is a massive decision for Lerner now.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I wanna cry

  8. Stato says:

    O’Neill is dead right, he is too good of a manger to have to put up with Villa board selling players against his will/without his knowledge.

  9. aj says:

    bob bradley?

  10. Donner Meat says:

    Rot Atkinson for Villa Manager

  11. Anonymous says:

    phil brown?

  12. The 100% Greek says:

    Its gonna be a tough season for Villa.

  13. TOPTURK says:

    YOU brummie prats ,who do you think you are ,O’niel was right to quit ,who would want to work for a club with unrealistic fans and bunch of tossers are gonna face relegation soon ,the good old days are back

  14. Kiwivillan says:

    Actually amazing that Nithin doesn’t realise O’Leary got 6th once in three seasons and didn’t get to spunk a truckload of cash on players. He bought Martin Laursen and Wilfred Bouma for less than MON paid for the crab, Petrov.

  15. dc says:

    cowardly is selling your teams best players without the managers consent. mon hasnt made a bad signing since hes been manager, i dont understand why their board didnt support him more. sad times ahead for villa

    keep in mind, the owner is the same randy lerner who has contributed to the plight of the city of cleveland through his exploitation of city funding for their american football team

  16. Anon says:

    Not made a bad signing? Shorey? Sidwell? NRC? Bêye? Downing? To be fair I liked him but please don’t try and tell me he hasn’t squandered some of the money he has been given by Lerner!

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  18. Fifthandlast says:

    Not made a bad signing? add Marlon Harwood to that list.

    He’s been a frustrating man to have in charge, constantly bemoaning the tiredness of players, yet refusing to use his squad players.
    I’m not totally gutted he’s left but to do so now is disrespectful to everyone at the club, both the fans and the players in the squad he has put together and have worked so hard for him over the past few seasons.

    The big question is who on earth do we get in to replace him? Whilst there isn’t any money to spend there is certainly a solid squad with plenty of promising young players.

  19. Alex says:

    Sadly totally expected:
    1990–1995 Wycombe Wanderers
    1995–2000 Leicester City
    2000–2005 Celtic
    2006–2010 Aston Villa

    would have been weird if he hadnt resigned.

  20. Ollie says:

    @ Alex – Hmm, I see a pattern there. Good spot!

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