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Many Villa fans are starting to wonder if Martin O’Neill is actually the managerial messiah so many people have claimed him to be. O’Neill had a very poor summer, losing some of his best players and then failing miserably to replace them.

Be honest, you’d rather Murray won Wimbles than Psycho’s lads won in Sweden tonight. It’s OK, I won’t tell anyone… What would you prefer: England win U21 Euros or Andy Murray wins Wimbledon?(answers)

So it’s England versus our old pals Germany in the final of a major international football tournament. It really should be the only thing that anyone is talking about today. And yet the papers are dominated by Jacko, a heatwave and some Scottish bloke doing OK at Wimbledon. Sure, I care about those things, but […]

The clean-living Cliff Richard of Brazilian football vs the clean-living pin-up boy of English cricket. I can hardly tell them apart.

And he was wearing rock and roll shoes! The Kasabian guitarist apparently once harboured ambitions of playing up front for Leicester City and on this evidence there is no reason why he couldn’t leave his rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle behind to become a journeyman striker at Championship level. Live on Soccer AM with the cameras […]

Horror Hair: Glen Johnson

September 1st, 2008

The Palm Tree Afro


Pies rounds up the weekend action


1. Paul Ince must feel like he has been robbed. How did West Ham end up beating Blackburn 4-1? A disallowed goal, a missed penalty, and some good chances, plus conceding twice in injury time led to a very misleading scoreline.

You can’t Ty me down


“Hi, mum! I’m famous,”

roman pav.jpg

Even Gary Glitter didn’t look this suspicious when his plane landed in the UK!

Blues left red-faced over yellow shirts

robinho chelsea shirt.jpg

The high-rollers meet in Monte Carlo for draw


1. Liverpool are going to struggle. In their current form and up against PSV Eindhoven, Marseille and Atletico Madrid, it could spell trouble.

Perm + big nose = twins

coloccini phil thompson.jpg

Some little news snippets to keep you going until dinner


They tried to make him go to rehab and Michael Chopra said yes, yes, yes [Mirror]

Oh Stevie Mac, when are you coming back?


Musings on last night’s European action


1. Liverpool have got problems. There is no fluidity or shape to the side and Rafa Benitez doesn’t seem to know how to turn the situation around.

The players (and owners) who came in from the cold


“We need to go in relaxsched, we need to go in with also belief.” What? Steve McClaren’s fake Dutch accent is on the go again. This guy is such a plonker. The accent is bad enough (there are loads of annoying people who accidentally imitate the accents of those they talk to), but to start rearranging your syntax…. Macca – you’ve got issues!

Danish defenders for dummies, by Pies


Name Lars Christian Jacobsen

Wrexham striker Jefferson Louis scores a lovely goal in his side’s victory over Altrincham. He is substituted before the end and obliges the pitchside reporter with a frank analysis of why he came off. A little too frank for Setanta Sports’ liking! This is the television gods punishing those who think it is acceptable to break away from the match to interview someone during the game.

Horror Hair: Anderson

August 27th, 2008

Should have got a Brazilian