Real Madrid Ban Shakira From Bernabeu For Dating Gerard Pique

Chris Wright

31st, March 2011


By Chris Wright

Yesterday, pint-size pop warbler Shakira confirmed what we all knew to be true anyway by posting the above picture of her and her ‘sunshine’, Barcelona centre-half Gerard Pique, on her Twitter account.

Her fans around the world reacted joyously, Spanish tabloids began frothing over the prospect of a rumoured pregnancy, Zlatan Ibrahimovic wept for what could have been and Real Madrid did the honourable thing by pulling all of Shakira’s songs from their pre-game, half-time and post-game playlists.

According to both AS and MARCA, Shakira’s gibberish classic ‘Waka Waka’ has been a bit of a staple at the Bernabeu since the summer, though the club have now erased it from their collection.

No official explanation has been offered as to why the music of a popstar who has recently announced her relationship with a player from a despised rival club has seen her music unceremoniously cut from Madrid’s playlists, but it’s probably not much of a coincidence – if you see what I’m saying.

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  1. Desmond says:

    Madrid as a club have no shame at all,, this simply means pique is bigger than the club,if a single man’s relationship can affect a big club like real madrid then madrid is a piece of trash,,pique should be proud that his relationship has caused an upset to a club like did shakira’s song got to be played in the first place, maybe madrid president was dating shakira which got shakira’s song to be played at the bernabeu now she’s dating pique, the president has to remove his song from the stadium..

  2. Ferencvaros says:

    Haha there is no way that anyone could believe pique is bigger than the club or he has affected it by being with shakira. I live in Budapest and after 1990 all the communist statues in the city have been removed. Just like in budapest, real madrid removed the song because its affiliated with something they despise. If anything it makes the club stronger.

  3. madrid is shiy says:

    madrid is shit

  4. Montesquieu says:


    Comparing Pique to Communism makes you an absolute idiot.

  5. afreen binte zaman says:

    HAHAHA, I feel bit upset, but NOW Im happy with that after hearing the news of SAKIRA and pique. Sakiras’s waka waka is a really good song.I HATE ALL THE PEOPLE WHO HATE REAL MADRID.

  6. chimpo says:

    Apart from Montesquieu all the above posters are idiots

  7. tapioca says:

    Errr… what with “Waka-Waka” being total excrement (although I do love a lot of her earlier stuff) this news is surely music to the average Madrid fan’s ears, even though I’m pretty sure Real are doing this with tongue firmly placed in cheek. I’m not sure I get all what all the fuss about this particular relationship is though – her last couple of albums have tanked. Then again, the Spice Girls were also pretty rubbish…

  8. theirishembassy says:

    imagine pique walking onto the pitch after the half and hearing his girlfriend singing over the loudspeakers.

    then replacing the words “waka waka” with “huge blowjob”.
    and the word “africa” with “pique”.

    nuff said.

  9. John says:

    tapioca, noone cares about her music, look at her

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  11. me .. says:

    how sick r they ?!

  12. tapioca says:

    john, I think you’re confusing what Shakira looks like now, with what she looked like in 2001!!

  13. TravisKOP says:

    other than her pitchy tone deafness shakira is fit as fuck in every other catagory, well done pique

  14. Fulham89 says:


  15. nicko says:

    How daft.

    Fuck barca though. Cheating scumbags.

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  17. Anonymous says:

    okhhtzn ifjfugohierrygkgug

  18. Anonymous says:

    Lionel messi is better than c ronaldo

  19. Mop says:

    I love how there’s always a twat saying Lionel Messi is better than C.Ronaldo in every Barcelona or Real Madrid-related topics.

    Referring @Anonymous 18

  20. Anonymous says:

    Pique should allow me date shakira for just 7 days

  21. Anonymous says:

    desmond must be really stupid 4 insulting madrid’s personality,wat does he knw anyway.wat ever u might say bacar are cheaters.up handsome nd charming.wat a model

  22. kenny says:

    barca for live up barca pique dont mind madrid manager maybe he love shakira i wish u and ur baby girl good lucky

  23. P star says:

    Madrid are always a big time f**k up wit bacelonia on games, i can’t belive even on a girl!!!!!!l!!!!!.i can’t imagine i thought football is to unite not 4 fight n over a 1 man in bacelonia could destroy a whole madrid’s programme

  24. camion says:

    utilitaire occasion…

    Real Madrid Ban Shakira From Bernabeu For Dating Gerard Pique » Who Ate all the Pies…

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