Doncaster Rovers Sack Mascot After ‘Donny The Dog’ Appears In Raunchy(ish) Lingerie Shoot

By Chris Wright

Happy Tracy

Sad Tracy

Huge news from the Championship, where Doncaster Rovers have sacked their mascot of three years after she got her wabs out for a fairly timid lingerie shoot, posing alongside the head from her ‘Donny The Dog’ costume.

Doncaster have announced that 40-year old, mother-of-three Tracy Chandler has been relieved of her voluntary duties after she ‘disgraced the club’ by appearing in a charity photo shoot for a newspaper.

Chandler told BBC Radio Five:

“I’m absolutely devastated. I’ve not stopped crying all morning.[I received an email] that just said that [Doncaster] didn’t need my services any more and that I’d disgraced the club.”

“I’ve raised a lot of money for charity. I’ve brought Donny Dog out of hiding. I’m the one who pushed him into the charities.”

Donny have declined to comment on the matter, the cheeky, hard-faced buggers.