Spanish Police Confiscate Hallucinogenic Drugs Disguised As Barcelona Sweets

Chris Wright

24th, April 2014


By Chris Wright


Mes que un chocolate

Spanish police yesterday confiscated a batch of hallucinogenic drugs at the port in the city of Alicante which were disguised as chocolates moulded into the shape of the Barcelona club crest.

According to Policia Nacional, as well as large amounts of cocaine and cash, approximately 300 grammes of the Barca confectionery was seized in Alicante, with one person being arrested – a master “Turronero” (a confectioner specialising in making the famous Turron nougat), dubbed “Willy Wonka”, who had obviously been using his powers for evil by producing chocolates laced with marijuana and magic mushrooms.

According to several Spanish reports, the discovery was part of a larger raid on a drugs ring based in Valencia, after which nine people in total were arrested.

(Image: @policia/Twitter)

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  1. Jarren says:

    Well they won’t be getting any “higher” in the league this year, so it’s understandable…

    …i’ll get my coat

  2. VIP says:

    I’m sure this post is published in other languages(local inclusive)because you don’t seem to understand English language and your name sounds arabic1! Well, let me help you:the drug as chocolate molded in the shape of Barcelona club crest doesn’t mean Barcelona did it. A Barcelona drug agent would rather disguise this in another club’s crest image, although that would be bad business because the authorities suspect other clubs and could easily uncover. The wise man was only leveraging on Barca’s popularity,goodwill and innocence!
    And, by the way, eve 3 is “high enough” Ask chelsea and arsenal!

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