Snapshot: ‘Working On My Aim!’ – Gerard Pique Relaxes With An AK-47

By Chris Wright

As far as unwinding during the off-season is concerned, Arsene Wenger has his water-slides and Gerard Pique has his semi-automatic weaponry…

“Afinando la puntería con un AK-47!! Working on my aim!!”

Note to self: never get on the wrong side of Pique.

[Image: @3gerardpique]

Posted in Barcelona

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  1. Stp1910 says:

    Guess Shooting like this will hurt ihm.

  2. Tom says:

    The butt needs to be in his shoulder, it looks like he will hit himself in the chin when the gun recoils, kinda makes the picture look fake.

  3. Montesquieu says:

    It’s not a guess, it will. The recoil of the Ak-47 will 95% likely knock his teeth you, but good. If you’re an idiot and think you can hold a assault rifle like that, you deserve to get your teeth knocked out.

  4. VA Red says:

    Yea so that stock thingy is supposed to rest against your shoulder. Hopefully no one told him that and mouth full of blood and broken teeth ensued.

  5. says:

    Fire a gun much? fuckin’ noob

  6. Montesquieu says:

    When you’re an idiot, you deserve karma to be your bitch.

  7. wiggs says:

    Gun experts sitting online and reading Pies?

  8. Jimbo says:

    what an absolute knob

  9. lordrt says:

    And they say Balotelli is at the center of controversies – from a MUFC fan

  10. Anonymous says:

    @ wiggs
    you dont need to be a car expert not to get knocked down when you walk across the road…
    holding a gun like that is the second best way of hurting yourself with a gun, the best way is to shoot yourself. if you cant work out that hes about to mess up his face if he actually fires it like that then i’d imagine you will probably die in an accident pretty soon.

  11. wiggs says:


    In an “Anonymous” accident no doubt…?

  12. tom says:

    My computer fucked out and didnt leave my name as the poster for some reason (ironically an accident). Either way my assertion that you may not have the life skills to cope with the outside still stands, as grasping what direction heavy things move in and and what time they move is something most of managed to master many years ago

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