Snapshot: Shakira Loves Us!

Chris Wright

2nd, August 2011


By Chris Wright

‘Descalzos’ is Spanish for ‘I want your babies’, right?

Photo: PA

Posted in Barcelona

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  1. Veej says:

    HAHAH!! Get in! Cool Spot… :^)

  2. kahhoe says:

    shakira have man face

  3. pooky says:

    I thought she was a Real Madrid fan (back when they were winning everything obviously)!!

    Then again, I suppose you’ve got to desperately cling on to whatever scrap of relevance you can when your last record sounds like a llama being tasered to a bunch of Rihanna’s reject tracks. Where’s a pig’s head when you need one?

  4. Jack says:

    F**king hell Pooky, rearrange the following six words to accurately describe yourself: jealous, bitter, hater are you a!

  5. pooky says:

    @Jack: I can’t, I’m afraid!

    I can rearrange “jealous bitter hater am I a” to read “I am a jealous, bitter hater”, but then that wouldn’t really describe the annoyance I feel towards ALL traitorous glory-slut football fans (I doubt she’d be with Gerard Pique if he was still waiting for Vidic or Ferdinand to die at Man Utd), or the moderate disappointment that a once decent singer-songwriter is putting out shit like She Wolf.

  6. Montesquieu says:

    Shakira is a fox, I’d take her home to my mama after having a go.

  7. Miguel - NYC says:

    LOL – Jack, my thoughts exactly.
    And sure, they probably would not be dating, just like she is not dating any of us…and your point is?
    Shakira has been singing for more a while now, and sure he music has changed (from spanish to english at first), but she’s made tons of money…and she has a foundation that actually helps people.
    As the saying goes…hate the game, not the player.

  8. ted says:

    How can you find her sexy now since she gets smashed by Herp Derp Pique? I can’t.

  9. wolfinho says:

    i’d cook her breakfast.

  10. deckard says:

    she’s too old. when pique is 30 he’ll be thinking “i don’t wanna be screwing some 40 yr old granny”. so he’ll dump her and get a 21 yr old model, what puyol did ya know.

  11. Brad says:

    Anyone else getting sick of the Pique/Shakira mutual arse lick?

    She looks like a greasy man.

  12. camionette says:

    utilitaire occasion…

    Snapshot: Shakira Loves Us! » Who Ate all the Pies…

  13. jesper kjær jørgensen says:

    <3 S <3 H <3 A <3 K <3 I <3 R <3 A <3

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