Grouchy Spain Fan Wins Himself €100,000 In Free Petrol After Betting They’d Lose 5-1 To Holland

Chris Wright

16th, June 2014

By Chris Wright

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While the rest of the nation slipped into a collective catatonic funk, one particularly grouchy Spain fan found himself much, much better off after his country’s dismal 5-1 defeat at the hands of Holland on Friday evening.

According to MARCA, the fan in question, Jacobo Rios-Capape, a 56-year-old architect from Valencia, entered a World Cup scoreline prediction competition run by Spanish petrol company Cespa several weeks ago, pessimistically guessing that his country would lose by five goals to one against the Dutch after filling up his motorbike at a petrol station.

However, of the 120,000 competition entries filed across Spain, Jacobo’s was the only correct submission – thus netting him the top prize of €100,000’s-worth (approx. £80,000) of free fuel.

Given petrol prices these days, that’s about three full tanks. Ooooh, satire!

Jacobo told MARCA:

“[I was] hoping that Spain would win, of course. I thought that if Holland were to beat us, it would be big, so I came up with the 5-1 scoreline, but I wasn’t convinced.

“Actually after, I thought it was outrageous and wouldn’t come true.

“Watching the game, I could not remember if I had guessed 1-4 or 1-5, so when we conceded the fifth I thought I had screwed up the ante. But I hadn’t, thankfully. “

Feeling somewhat guilty about predicting Spain’s utter disintegration against the Dutch, Jacobo has vowed to enter Cespa’s follow-up prediction sweepstake for Spain’s second game against Chile with an equally bombastic scoreline.

“It will be my personal revenge for the defeat to Holland,” Jacobo added. “Tomorrow I’m going to fill up and I’ll bet that Spain beat Chile 5-1.”

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