Sponsored Post: Ray Parlour And Amy Chiles Play The Blackjack Strategy Guide

Paul Sorene

9th, January 2017

Blackjack is the most popular casino card game in the world because it’s fast, simple and you most likely first played it as a child.

Like all games of chances, it’s odds-based. Before you play it’s vital to know these odds and how to use them. you might call it skill, but it’s just knowledge and recognising when to minimise risk. One good place to start is the Blackjack Strategy Guide at online casino 888.casino.

Helping to promote Blackjack are Ray Parlour, aka the Romford Pele, and pre-pregnant assisted-ginger Amy Chiles. Electrodes were placed on the seats of both players and one bad call resulted in the dealer pressing the buzzer and delivering shock therapy.

Parlour was cautious, as you’d expect from the former footballer whose first room-mate at Arsenal was Paul Merson. Parlour says they were “gambling every day”, but unlike his addict team-mate he never lost more than he could afford to.

That’s a strategy everyone should adhere to.

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