8 most expensive players

James Mayhew

23rd, January 2019

With multiple players being bought and sold by different clubs over the years, it makes one wonder which player has been the most expensive player to be bought in the history of football transfers. In this context, Virgil Van Dijk has been the most expensive defender bought by Jurger Klopp in 2017-18 for a hefty sum of 75 million pounds. Here we’ve come up with a list of the other most expensive transfers in the history of the sport.

The world of football is all about staying at the top, and football clubs often try to tap budding potential by making extremely lucrative offers to ace players. The amount of money spent by clubs on such transfers is borderline insane. The most valuable football clubs across the world have a long-standing history of buying unbeatable players for whopping sums of money.

Top 8 Most Expensive Transfers

Neymar-When Neymar moved to PSG from Barcelona, he made headlines because of the unbelievable fee that was paid for his transfer. Sources speculate that it was close to almost half a billion US dollars.

Mbappe – Kylian Mbappe has been hot property in recent times, especially after the article that he wrote about his struggle as a player of color. However, shortly before that he was picked up by PSG for a whopping sum of over 160mn Euros.

Coutinho – The phrase ‘from one big fish to another’ is an accurate description for Coutinho’s transfer history. Despite having started with a big banner club like Liverpool, Coutinho did not stick around with the club for long and soon shifted to Barcelona for an estimated fee of 142mn pounds.

Dembele – The French national made headlines after his transfer to Barcelona from Dortmund. Dembele was one of the most promising players for Dortmund, and therefore it is not surprising that Barcelona ended up paying over 105 million pounds for his transfer, which includes around 42 million pounds in bonus payments.

Pogba – Manchester United paid a huge sum of over 89.3 million pounds to sign the 25 year old midfielder from France. Despite the massive payout, the deal was overshadowed by Neymar’s transfer to PSG soon after.

Gareth Bale – The superstar from Wales became an overnight sensation after his move to Real Madrid in 2013. The transfer fee for Bale after his 5 year long stint at Tottenham Hotspur was reported to be around 100 million euros, making it the highest fee to have ever been paid by Real Madrid.

Ronaldo – There are few players in the world who can command a fee close to 100mn Euros towards the end of their career. Widely considered to be the most iconic player in recent times, Ronaldo shocked fans across the world with his decision to move to Juventus in 2018, for a transfer fee of 88.8mn Euros.

Gonzalo Higuain –The Argentinean national’s prolific performance with Napoli during the 2015-16 season had made Higuain a top pick for Juventus. The club ended up paying approximately 90 million euros for the 31 year old striker.

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