Manchester United on Loss to West Ham

James Mayhew

2nd, April 2019

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It was a sore loss for Manchester United when the team lost to West Ham in a match on the 22nd of September. Ole Gunnar, Man U manager has told the press that he had hoped for better but unfortunately West Ham took the win leading by 2 points and Man United remaining on a solid 0. However, despite the loss, Gunnar says he is positive for the future and has high hopes for his boys in red. Staying positive isn’t an easy feat especially after a bad season for the team but if Ole Gunnar’s predictions are on point, there should be a win up ahead on the cards for Man U.

Being a popular game and internationally recognized football team, the entire world had eyes on Manchester United. Betting sites were taking in money wagers, making this one of the most anticipated matches of the year. With the Premier League fast approaching, it’s important for all games to be executed properly and finesse as teams battle it out for the title.

The 2-0 loss for Manchester United took place at the London Stadium which has now changed the numbers and left United 8 points from their opening 6 matches. The fact is that Manchester United have only won 2 of their last 11 Premier League games and the season has been a dry one, leaving them in the dust since February.

Ole Gunnar said that despite there being highs and lows, he still has hope for the future and even though the team had to accept they have received no points in the West Ham game, there will be matches to recover from the loss.

The Premier League requires teams to accumulate points and so every play is counted on and players performances need to be checked in hopes of accumulating points. Marcus Rashford

N suffered a severe groin injury which cost the Red Devils the win and the star player will have to undergo a scan to ensure the injury doesn’t bench the player. The injury took place in the second half of the game which allowed Man U the opportunity to score points in the first half but more injuries including Luke Shaw, Anthony Martial, Eric Bailly and Paul Pogba which makes Rashford another name added to the list. Another player who was missed was Mason Greenwood, benched suffering from tonsillitis.

This year has been a tough one for Manchester United but there is still hope that the team can recover composure and return off the field as winners. Whether or not they take the Premier League Cup probably won’t be on the cards for the team but they could become a threatening presence on the field.

Ole Gunnar has been said to need support in the new year as he is lacking key players and has no centre-forwards. This affects the entire team and puts them at a disadvantage. Whether or not the team will recover remains to be seen and it is hoped that Rashford will return for the next match.

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