Football GIF: Junior Hoilett’s Shameful Swan Dive vs Newcastle

Chris Wright

2nd, February 2012


By Chris Wright

This one’s for JS; a GIF or two of Blackburn winger Junior Hoilett’s awful, downright shameful attempted penalty con against Newcastle last night that eventually led to Ryan Taylor getting booked for having the gumption to be majorly pissed off by the Canadian’s little flop…

The cheating little git. A retrospective one-game ban would suffice but, alas, that’s not the way the FA see fit do things around here.

GIFs: Reddit

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  1. Ross says:

    Although slightly biased in this case, being a NUFC fan, I think that the FA should step in and deal with these ‘cheats’!!
    I am a fan of football and hate to see teams gaining an advantage over opponents by blatantly cheating…the fa should step in and review video evidence (or gif haha) and suspend those deemed to have dived, just like they fuck over dodgy tackles etc.

    Rant over

  2. Congo says:

    Looks a lot like Davies flop versus Arsenal yesterday, too. Wheres the GIF of that ehh ?

  3. SL says:

    Hes a cheat so wheres the ban?

    The FA are useless and as long as they are this shit, the players will keep on cheating.

  4. WildScotsman6 says:

    I don’t mind trying to avoid a tackle that clearly isn’t going to win the ball… it’s the rolling around part holding your leg like a rabit dog just bit it is what gets to me.

  5. Stevesy says:

    I want to preface this by saying ‘I’m not a troll’, which will make you all immediately think that I am.

    In his defense, he does not look around for a penalty. He sees that a defender is going to swipe at his legs, anticipates contact, and adjusts where he will plant his foot in mid-stride. He buckles and falls.

    I don’t see much malice here. I think he went down too easily but wouldn’t categorize it with:

    People make mistakes.

    That, and as a Canadian myself, I feel the need to defend any soccer players from Canada who actually make it anywhere. I have to watch CONCACAF games with CONCACAF refs and players. It saddens me to admit it but Canada would only benefit by mimicking their opponents tricks and feigns. It really is sad at times.

  6. Roc says:

    @Stevesy You’re trolling. Coloccini called his bluff and Hoilet went down. Pathetic. Sooner the F.A start handing out bans for dives the better.
    You will find that players like Hoilet might actually stay on their feet rather than tripping over an imaginary foot.

  7. Giancarlo says:

    @Stevesy: Being another Canadian I have to say…he dove. No matter the excuse. And, Canadian soccer won’t get better if the players start diving. That alone is ludicrously sad to hear. They will get better when they start hiring better coaches to develop players, and choosing better squads. Sidenote: CONCACAF referees suck albeit referees everywhere suck lol. I agree, hand out bans for diving, it will slow it down.

    Also, as a Milan fan, that was the worst dive in the history of diving, and I was glad to see the day they sold Gilardino, the most overrated striker in Italy :)

  8. Dane says:

    So what about the dive that got Vermaelen booked?

  9. Stevesy says:

    @ Roc:

    I stand by my opinion; he fell too easily but was anticipating contact. Ban him for his? I wouldn’t. A hearing of some sort? Sure.


    Canadian + die hard Milan fan here too. I don’t mean to say that we SHOULD learn to dive, I’m just saying that there seems no other way to get ahead in CONCACAF. I was at a game – Canada – El Salvador, I believe – and watching it took years off my life, that’s how horrible it was. Diving and acting and so on.

    And I totally agree, hated Gila from day one. But the most overrated striker in Italy award has to go to Amauri.

  10. Giancarlo says:

    Ok I understand what you mean. And, I tend to agree with the smaller countries in the CONCACAF and their ability to endlessly dive and roll on the slightest of knocks. How many times has Canada’s campaigns been ended by ridiculously poor refereeing?

    Hmm, that’s tough. We’ve seen Amauri shine, where as I find Gilardino a poor man’s Inzaghi. He relies solely on other players, Kaka and Mutu alike.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Ryan Taylor is the worst defender in the top half of the table, maybe even the whole league.

  12. Andy says:

    Could that be because he isn’t a defender, perhaps? Taylor is a winger. He played full back to cover Santon earlier in the season while he wasn’t fit.

  13. Stevesy says:


    I guess the argument will forever remain that Canada shouldn’t be relying on referees to be always correct when we come up against teams like El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, etc etc. We should just win against them outright. And watching a star like Hargreaves play for someone else certainly doesn’t help. Hell, I’d do the same thing if I were in his shoes.

    Oh well, we still have hockey!

  14. Giancarlo says:


    exactly, we shouldn’t. there are quality players, except on defence, and I think that’s something we need to improve as a team, and that will only come with a true, competent coach. CSA needs to try out a different style coach from a country not yet used. One from a traditional football cultured country: brazil, germany, italy, holland, etc. proven track record or the like.
    As for Hargreaves, it upsets me, and I would have a very tough choice as a player because as Italian as my name is, and my descent, I was born and raised in Canada. I don’t know what it truly is like to be an Italian; I know what it’s like to be an Canadian more so than anything.

    Lol I used to love hockey, but I didn’t approve of their strike, and since then my opinion has changed. I just can’t watch meatheads bash their heads in over and over, and once in awhile there’s a goal. There’s an elegance to football, a perfectly formed chess game. I feel it’s wrong when people say American Football or Hockey is a battle because they beat each other senseless; the real art of war is about strategy and exposing your opponent’s weaknesses, and I think both are commonplace in the real game of football. But, that’s just my two sense ;)

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