‘He’s Not Big Or Butch, But He Can Handle Himself’ – Steve Kean Hires 24/7 Seventh Dan Karate Expert Bodyguard

Chris Wright

24th, February 2012


By Chris Wright

This may or may not be the guy

After months of vitriol and increasingly pathetic attempts to oust him from his position from the more ridiculous sections of the club’s support, Blackburn manager Steve Kean has admitted to having hired a bodyguard to protect him at all times.

Kean told the Times:

“I was advised that it would be in my interest to have somebody with me at all times. I was at a restaurant with my wife and children a few months ago and got a text message from a friend telling me to be careful.

“There was stuff going out on Twitter from an activist group which identified the restaurant so that people could confront me. I showed the text to my wife and we decided to leave straight away.

“We didn’t tell the children because we didn’t want to frighten them. We just said that there was a good place around the corner where we could get pudding.

“The chap who protects me is a seventh dan in karate, but he is not big or butch or anything. He just knows how to handle himself.

“It is a bit strange having him around, but there are some good things too. He is bloody interesting to talk to, for a start.”

“I think the vast majority of fans are passionate, but non-violent, whether towards me or anybody else. I also think most of the Blackburn fans are behind me. It is surreal, though, I cannot deny that.”


As if the repeated protests aren’t futile and juvenile enough, when a manager is starting to question the safety of his kids at the hands of an extreme element of his own club’s fans, it’s about as clear an-indication as is humanly possible that things have gone too far.

You can like a guy/not like a guy, back him as manager/want shot of him soon as, but it’s down-right psychopathic to follow him round town and track him on Twitter, etc.

Just stop it. You morons.

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  1. Steve Kean is the most resilient manager I’ve ever seen. A horrible situation for him to be in, and I really do hope he keeps Blackburn up to stick one to his doubters. With the squad they have they should expect to be a relegation fight.

  2. he6rt6gr6m says:

    Don’t paint us all with the same brush…

  3. topheechrisp says:

    Yes I imagine that a couple of fans have gone too far. But 99.5% percent of rovers fans have only protested either before or after the game and backed the team 110%. You call the Rovers’ fans demonstrations juvenile and their actions futile, but if we had owners who happened to enter the country they might see exactly what is going on. Wolves, Arsenal, Everton to name but three who have been demonstrating with their manager and owners have all come in for much less criticism from Rovers and they have experienced bodies in management (or did until they fired McCarthy which is proving to be brilliant for rovers) and owners who deeply care about the football club. No one tells us what’s going on. What can realistically be expected of us etc…

    That’s where I have sympathy for Kean. Put in front of tv cameras non stop without any support from anyone around him (Chief Exec., Full-time assistant (though that is now changing) but most importantly from the club. Between a rock and a hard place he sits wanting to reassure fans while not saying anything to disparage the owners as obviously at the end of the day they pay his wages and COULD fire home. But these constant reassurances just turn into lies. Nelsen being injured, Samba not for sale at any price, Phil Jones not for sale at any price. Junior Hoilett signing a new contract.So yes we can feel sorry for him. He has got a silly amount of pressure.

    However, this shouldn’t mask the fact that he has the worst record in charge of a club in PL history. We have yet to keep a clean sheet this season ( and that is a record we keep beating). His only saving grace has been willingness to blood the youngsters (Jason Lowe is a revelation and the young defenders Hanley and Henley seem to be getting better. He’s also getting the best out of Yak.

    You could say be careful what you wish for. But I think Rovers fans would have taken Terry Connor to be honest!

  4. Si says:

    @he6rt6gr6m – he doesn’t. Read it again. But SLOWLY.

  5. wing says:

    What a pathetic article. The man is a lying deceitful toad and knows exactly what hes doing by giving interviews like this. Painting himself as some innocent victim in the destruction of a football club. Chris, your’e the moron for buying this sob story bollocks.

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