Burnley Fan Submits Joke Application For Blackburn Manager Job, Sent Reply Saying He’s Been Shortlisted

Chris Wright

26th, March 2013


By Chris Wright

“You’re hired!”

As a bit of a piss-take, avid Burnley fan James McDonagh threw his name into the hat and applied for the freshly-voided Blackburn Rovers vacancy on the basis that he once managed a Sunday League side and that he had put in countless hours on Football Manager over the years – the bedrock of any aspiring managerial prankster’s CV – promising to guide the club to “back-to-back relegations”.

Seeing as this is Blackburn and Venkys we’re talking about, it should come as no surprise that James, a) received a reply from the club, and, b) was told he’d been shortlisted for an interview.

The reply, supposedly from Blackburn’s much-maligned “global advisor” Shebby Singh, reportedly read:

“Having checked your application and your credentials from your CV, we would like to shortlist you for the vacancy. We formally invite you to interview.”

James, 30, told The Sun:

“They’re a bit of a joke club at the minute and I thought I could probably do better than their last few appointments.

“I wasn’t expecting to get shortlisted but Blackburn’s owners are known for their barmy decisions.”

Again, this is Venkys we’re talking about here, so his odds are probably being slashed as we speak.