Video: Nigel De Jong Breaks Stuart Holden’s Leg In ‘Friendly’

Ollie Irish

4th, March 2010


By Ollie Irish

For a so-called friendly, this was a needlessly excessive tackle by De Jong, who afterwards shrugged it off, saying: “Such offences are part of football. I went for the ball and got the opponent at the end.”

Yes you did, and there was absolutely no need to get the opponent in this case. I like De Jong but this is a black mark for him.

Tough break for Holden, who will be out for up to two months with a fractured right fibula, and also for his club Bolton Wanderers, who could really use the young American in the Prem run-in.

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  1. Jesus says:

    He’s isn’t that kind of player. It wasn’t malicious. He’s a great lad. He was crying with his mum after the incident.

  2. dbex says:

    ARGH. F*ck deJong…..hard to convey how angry this makes me.

    Oh, and nice belly flop when Beasley was rounding you in the box and heading for goal, Nigel. You looked like a f’ing toddler.

  3. kritter says:

    @dbex- no doubt. He barely even got a card. The US had to beg for it. That Turkish referee was a travesty for the whole first half. He cleaned it up in the second half, but I was screaming at my TV in the first.

  4. Ty says:

    God I hate the American commentary. And I’m American.

  5. […] the ‘beautiful game’ and ‘total football,’ they seem to get a free pass for employing unrepentant leg-breakers such as Nigel De Jong.  Second, the arrogance too often associated with Dutch football is hard to stomach.  I can’t […]

  6. komu says:

    cüneyt çakır. worst referee in the world.

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