Sam Allardyce and the BBC Panorama bung investigation: what the bloggers say

Ollie Irish

20th, September 2006

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AllardyceCnut (leaning forward to get the money shot): So Sam Allardyce, of Bolton Wanderers, is a big fat cheat and is taking bungs on all his transfer deals?
Peter: That’s right… well I say Sam, but what I mean is his son, and I say bungs, but what I mean is that I do legitimate deals with Bolton and sort out his son with a few bob for doing the introductions.  Are you still going to buy my company? [The Footie]
It was odds on that this programme would deliver ten-times more style than substance. Scoring one out of ten for style with this judge, you can tell how much substance there was. [Sporting Bet Score]
It is now up to the FA to take the BBC’s evidence, examine it and (possibly) charge someone. And they will hate that. The FA have failed in the past to weed out the dirty side of the game. [British Sport]
There were lots of dull meetings in horrible chain hotels, and not a lot else. It all amounted to very little. If there is a network of bung-happy managers with offshore accounts, then Panorama got nowhere near to exposing them. [Our good selves]
Football certainly needs far more rigorous regulation than is currently provided by our woefully weak FA and Premier League.The BBC’s flagship current affairs programme is also an entirely appropriate vehicle to check whether our national sport is properly run. But we remain to be convinced that this investigation has delivered all it promised; and whether that promise was worth keeping anyway. [The Stirrer]

[Rob Parker]