Jonny Evans Apologises, Stuart Holden Ruled Out For Six Months

Chris Wright

21st, March 2011


By Chris Wright

Bolton have confirmed that midfielder Stuart Holden will be out of action for the next six months after having his knee torn apart by Jonny Evans’ wayward studs against Manchester United on Saturday.

Said Trotters’ manager Owen Coyle:

“First and foremost our main concern is Stuart and his recovery. He will get all the time and support he needs.

“Stuart has been outstanding this season and has shown he is one of the best midfielders in the Barclays Premier League.

“He has such desire, strength of character and a winning mentality and he will draw on those attributes in his rehabilitation.”

Holden also confirmed via his Twitter account that he has travelled to London today to undergo further surgery after having 26 stitches in the wound on the day of the match:

“I can promise you I will come back stronger and better than before. Have had back luck in the past and will continue to beat it.”

Holden then added the following update early this afternoon:

“Just had sincere phone call from Jonny Evans wishing me best in recovery, def (sic) wasn’t intentional just unfortunate part of game.”

Seems like we’re doing a few too many of these at the moment but – get well soon Stu.

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  1. Chris also says:

    15 days out vs. 6 months – Nani, please take note – PURE CLASS.

  2. Andy Jo says:

    It seems all to easy to claim it was 2not intentional2 after the damage is done, why go in with studs leading then?

  3. Dan says:

    Being a Nani apologist, Carragher did knock him out for 2 months on a previous challenge. If a guy sent me to the hospital twice in two years, I would be pissed too.

  4. Grant says:

    As a Yank, I’m absolutely gutted. Stu has played fantastically well this year and it will be a shame to have him miss the Gold Cup this summer. Oh well. I guess the good news is that Charlie Davies is back and hopefully will be playing well in the next few months leading up to the tournament. We’ll need him to play alongside Jozy Altidore in a 4-4-2 since Holden can’t be playing in the attacking midfield role of our 4-2-3-1. Stupid ESPN the Magazine curse!

  5. Michael D says:


    As a Houston Dynamo fan I’m so happy for Stu’s success in the EPL but he is definitely missed here in Houston. Hope he has a speedy recovery so he can continue his success at club and national levels

  6. Marquette Jer says:

    Get well soon Stu! The US needs you!!

  7. holden is weak says:

    you do know that probably nani is physically stronger than holden and thats why he only got 2 weeks out compared to 6. o and nani got messed up by a mugger disguised as a footballer while olden got evans. i mean nani been playing in the premier league for like 4-5 years already and is tough for it while holden hasnt even completed a full year yet in the prem.

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  9. Skjoldet says:

    FACT is, Johnny Evans is a dirty cunt, I guess that’s why he fits so well in Manchester United.

  10. Anonymous says:

    A terrible blow for Holden, but the tackle was fair, got plenty of the ball.

  11. Andrew says:

    @holden is weak

    Nani is a giant pussy so you’re argument is a terrible one. Holden has gotten the wrong end of tackles from de Jong and now Evans, so I find it difficult to question his toughness.

  12. Ping Yang says:

    @ Andrew
    Spot on, De Jong is a crazy psychopath. He is the real thug. Get Well Holden. I didn’t think it was that bad so am sad for him. At least he didn’t cry, at least not live.

  13. stoichkov's left says:

    @Grant. If you’re a “Yank,” you wouldn’t call yourself one. Nor would you ever use the word “gutted.” Quit talkin’ up to the English man. Fuck tha police.

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