The Hot Pep Guardinator: McDonald’s Launch Pep Guardiola Tribute Schnitzel Sandwich

Chris Wright

21st, March 2013


By Chris Wright

Pep Guardiola not due to take up the reigns at FC Bayern until the summer but still McDonald’s German wing have seen fit to launch a tribute sandwich in his honour, with “The Hot Pep Guardinator” due to go on sale in their Munich and Bavarian branches very soon…

The Hot Pep is the result of a Facebook contest and is basically a slab of chicken schnitzel in a brown bap with cheese, jalapeno, spicy mustard and salsa.

Surely a simple boiled egg with a beard drawn on would be a much more fitting tribute?

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  1. Eeny says:

    Perhaps Pizza Hut will create a “Pepperoni Guardiola” pizza in his honour.

  2. Tomtom says:

    Not McDonalds is honoring Guardiola but the fans or whoever. It’s an annual contest where the customers can create their own burger. The five burgers with the most votes(i think there is also a jury) will be available in german one week. The creator of the burger with the most sells gets a prize i think. Nevertheless, there hasnt been a “McPeP” in Germany (yet ;)).

  3. tenblackalps says:

    pasta guardiola sounds tidy

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