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Mourinho 1-0 All other football managers

Danish striker’s first touch RULES

He had the world at his feet and he scuffed his shot

Still. Got. It. I have no doubt that Bergkamp could still cut it in the Premier League

It’s not been Arsene’s week, has it?

Uefa dish out two-match ban to Eduardo for the Croatian’s dive against Celtic (watch it here)

Dennis Denilson and William Galgas are my favourite Arsenal players too

When José Mourinho left Chelsea, the Premier League lost its most entertaining gaffer by far. Thankfully, Arsene Wenger seems to have taken it upon himself to fill José’s loafers.

Oh dear. Blatant dive by the Croatian

Arsenalisation?! Oh dear

A couple of virals doing the rounds today: First up, cuddly Theo Walcott gets a dirty great tattoo on his arm: This has some link to Nike football boots. No idea what the link is, mind.

I love this season already

August 20th, 2009

I don’t know if it’s because the recession has levelled the playing field – by weakening the big four – but already this season feels very different. By different, I mean unpredictable. And about time too. For years we have waited for a genuinely unpredictable Premier League, sitting through countless dreary games where the result […]

Arsenal won’t score a pair of luckier goals this season, but they deserved their luck. The Premier League side outclassed Celtic - Tony Mowbray’s team didn’t play that badly but ran out of steam – and will surely now finish the job at the Grove and progress through to the CL’s group stage. Celtic, and their […]

After just one fantastic performance, Arsenal are now The Form Team in the Universe. Which means they’ll pass Celtic – an average team at best – off the park in tonight’s Champions League playoff at Parkhead, right? If only football was that simple. Parkhead on a European night is a fearsome prospect, especially when an […]

Prof. Wenger shows off his ball skills during a training session ahead of Arsenal’s Champions League playoff against Celtic. The first leg takes place tonight in Glasgow.

This is where you get to pick Arsenal’s best starting line-up for this season. First up, I’ll reveal my selection (based on Arsenal’s squad at time of writing). Obviously I’m aware that Arsene Wenger will use several different formations this season, for different scenarios, but this is the default team I would go with: My […]

The Sun tells us that Andrey Arshavin has a new nickname at Arsenal: “Meerkat”. If you’ve seen the incredibly annoying Compare the Meerkat adverts on TV, you’ll know why: Meerkat: Arshavin: A bit more imaginative than “Arshy” I suppose, but still it smacks of rather childish banter. Translation: I wish I’d thought of it first.

When I found out that Celtic and Arsenal could draw each other in the CL playoffs, I assumed it would happen. And, surprise surprise, it has. This is a pretty good draw for both teams and their supporters. Arsenal will be confident, quite rightly too, of running rings around an average Celtic side, while Celtic […]

Worst-kept secret in football? Philippe Senderos has signed for Everton. Or so every Arsenal blog seems to think. And it’s no secret that Arsene Wenger invited offers for the out-of-favour defender. Percentage chance that this is true? I’d say 95%. Doing the maths, does this suggest that Senderos will replace a current Everton defender? In […]

By all accounts, 17-year-old Jack Wilshere was a revelation for Arsenal in the Emirates Cup this weekend. So much so that many Gooners are now calling for the teenager to be fast-tracked into not only Arsenal’s first team, but England’s senior squad too. Yes, the hype machine has been activated. A few quotes on Wilshere’s […]

Today’s best example of Transfer Toss can be found in the back pages of the Independent. Sam Wallace, the paper’s football correspondent, reports that Arsene Wenger is “set to spend big on [Daniele] De Rossi.” Except, er… in reality, Wenger is definitely not set to spend big on De Rossi, who would cost in the £30m […]