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It was so good while it lasted

Will United fans respond to a gentle blast of Fergie’s hairdryer?

Too easy for the Gunners as Spurs fade away

Gunners march on thanks to two cracking goals

Remember when Liverpool were torn apart by The Beast?

Complacent Gunners spaff a two-goal lead at Upton Park

Who are the Gunners’ own ‘Stevie G & Torres’?

How far does £70k a week go? Not far enough, it seems

Happy 60th birthday Arsene. Pies salutes you

Gunners stroll to a draw. Should have been a win though

Mourinho 1-0 All other football managers

Danish striker’s first touch RULES

He had the world at his feet and he scuffed his shot

Still. Got. It. I have no doubt that Bergkamp could still cut it in the Premier League

It’s not been Arsene’s week, has it?

Uefa dish out two-match ban to Eduardo for the Croatian’s dive against Celtic (watch it here)

Dennis Denilson and William Galgas are my favourite Arsenal players too

When José Mourinho left Chelsea, the Premier League lost its most entertaining gaffer by far. Thankfully, Arsene Wenger seems to have taken it upon himself to fill José’s loafers.