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WAGs & Babes

WAGs & Babes: An in-depth scientific examination of the lovely ladies that pepper the modern game.

As reported on The Spoiler, romantic Peter Crouch ‘whisked’ (that’s the correct term for a surprise away trip, no?) WAG Abi Clancy to Paris – the imagination on that man! – for a pre-Valentines break. Abi conformed the golden rule of fashion – when in Paris, wear a stripey top and jeans that make your […]

According to’s very enjoyable Top 99 Women of 2008 list, Cheryl Cole is the 18th hottest chick in the world. That means she’s not quite as hot as women like Adriana Lima (No.10), Rhianna (No.8) and Scarlett Johansson (No.6). However, she is hotter than fellow WAG Gemma Anderson, who enters the chart down at […]

According to today’s Mirror newspaper, ‘Cheryl Cole yesterday came under mounting pressure from family and friends to dump her wayward husband Ashley Cole.’ Mounting pressure, eh? The worst kind of pressure. Cheryl has ‘cautiously agreed’ to stand by her man (silly girl), after it emerged that her husband spent a ‘boozy’ night with hairdresser Aimee […]

There is a ball in there somewhere. It may not be the first thing you look at, but it’s there, trust me. More babes with balls

One is a famous wag, the other is a sem-famous WAG. Via Kickette

Babe with a ball – pump it up

January 21st, 2008

Er, is that a football pump in your pocket or are you pleased to see me? (Or something like that, I can’t quite figure out how the joke should go.) Either way, there’s nothing worse than having to play with soft balls… More babes with balls

Marsh: ‘Oi, Pinder, put some goalie gloves on before you go anywhere near my booty.’ Pinder: ‘Er, ok… Weirdo.’ More babes with balls

This model is so very, very happy to be holding that football. And I’m very happy that she’s so happy. So everybody’s happy. More babes with balls

Fair play to the artist who painstakingly recreated an Argentina shirt on this busty young lady. He/she even went to the trouble of painting on the adidas logo. Admirable attention to detail. (Click to have a closer look.) More babes with balls

Disgraceful that someone would vandalise a German national team shirt like that. And has she superglued the ball to her hair by mistake? Answers on a postcard please… More babes with balls

Do you see what the clever fashion designer has done? That model’s bikini bottoms look just like an old-fashioned football! Some kind of genius is at work here. More babes with balls

Great ball control from the flexible No.4… hang on a minute, there are two No.4s on the pitch, both wearing the same kit! No wonder that ref is pulling out his red card… More babes with balls

Here’s a Brazilian Playboy Bunny about to take a free-kick in the pissing rain – she seems to have forgotten to put on a pair of shorts, but is that necessarily a bad thing? I’d say no, quite the opposite – it’s a very good thing. At least she has pulled her socks up. And […]

Today’s babe with a ball features a girl who clearly knows how to pull-off a keepy up. Maybe. Either that or some kid in a park just hoofed the ball at her face as she was jogging. And is that a Greek club shirt she’s wearing? I should know, but any answers gratefully received… More […]

I have no idea who this blonde, bikini-clad young lady is, but I do know that she’ll catch a cold if she doesn’t at least put on a pair of gloves. I’m sure Sepp Blatter would approve though. More babes with balls

Today’s hot babe with a football is Keeley Hazell, every white van man’s favourite glamour girl. Or four Keeley Hazells, to be exact – but only one Keeley has a ball. Confused? Ah, who cares. Sometimes, you have to bow down to the simple wonders of Photoshop.

Meet Elena Santarelli, whose job is ‘Hot Italian glamour model’ (as you might have guessed from the patriotic bra). She has one golden ball, exactly half as many as you’d find inside David Beckham’s underpants.

1wagfashion_thumb.jpgA long overdue appearance for Lamps’ better half:
Name Elen Rives
Nationality Spanish
WAG of… Rives is lucky enough to be engaged to Super Frank Lampard. She gave birth to the couple’s first child, a girl named Luna, in 2005. They have another girl, Isla, born in May 2007.

It had to happen, didn’t it – the appearance of a WAGs’ fitness DVD in a bargain bin near you. The ‘superstar’ WAGs in question are ex-glamour model Nicola Tappenden (currently the WAG of Leeds United’s Simon Walton, and former squeeze of West Ham hitman Bobby Zamora), Melissa Johnson (Cardiff City’s Roger Johnson) and Lisa Munday […]

Fanbanta’s WAGvent calendar

December 5th, 2007

Damn, why didn’t I think of this? Fanbanta has created a WAGvent calendar – see what they did there? – to celebrate the festive season. It’s like an advent calendar, but with pictures of sexy WAGs behind each door, rather than cheap chocolate. And that has to be a good thing, no? Click here to see […]

Anouk Hoogendijk (left) and Karin Legemate (right) of Netherlands tackle Anja Mittag of Germany during the Womens European Championships qualification match between Netherlands and Germany at the Kras stadium on November 01, 2007 in Volendam, Netherlands. Annike Krahn scored the only goal of game to ensure a 1-0 win for the German world champions. PS. […]

It’s not rocket science, putting together a football blog – not when videos like this are freely available on the internet. Via The Offside and Doktor Fussball

Isn’t it ironic that both Khouri and Morisette come from Canada? Not really, but Janelle sure as hell looks like she could be Alanis’s younger, hotter sister.

Why doesn’t the Premier League have more hot cheerleaders at every game? They do it in America for the NFL, so why not over here? I appreciate they are there to keep the fans entertained whilst there’s yet another break in play for TV commercials, but still… what’s not to like? Especially when it’s Halloween, […]