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WAGs & Babes

WAGs & Babes: An in-depth scientific examination of the lovely ladies that pepper the modern game.

Spotter’s badge for Pies reader Colm Finn, who has noticed, with his eagle eyes, that Keisha from Sugababes looks quite a lot like England Women’s star Eniola Aluka. (Keisha is the one on the left, by the way.)

Hot Football Babes video

September 18th, 2007

The title tells you all you need to know really. A little eye candy to warm you up on this autumnal Tuesday…

Maia Jackman (centre) of New Zealand cries after they lost 2-0 against Denmark in their Group D Women’s World Cup match at the Wuhan Sports Center in Wuhan, China. The result effectively ended New Zealand’s chances of reaching the knockout stages.

Can sex and football ever mix?

September 11th, 2007

alt="aaaaa52902051.jpg" src="" width="210" height="220" />Our dear friends over at one of the interpipe’s finest portal of all stuff football (Fanbanta) have posted an interesting piece today on an Italian naughty nudie channel opting to show football instead of naked ladies and / or men and / or dare we say those who fall into both the male and female category.
The crux of this story is that Italian hardcore smut channel ContoTV (pronounce this right!) has shelled out thousands of Euros to screen Fiorentina’s UEFA cup first-round tie against Groningen. This is a dangerous situation as aside from those Keep On Jumping foxes trying to play football in the mud (click continue reading for anohter peak at them) we can never remember a moment where sex and football have combined successfully. Streakers are always ugly, British cheerleaders are always fat, and the only sex pipe we’ve ever seen at a football match was Peter Beardley’s popping out of those tiny 1980s England shorts. It made us do a sick in our mouth!

So what’s going on, would you welcome football on your sex channel? Would you prefer sex on your football channel? Oh God… Andy Gray naked… Nooooooooooo!

Photo: Getty

Video: Zoe is The Hot Spur

August 11th, 2007

Our team-mates over at Spurs Pies have started the new season as they mean to go on by signing up an ace to their squad. Zoe is The Hot Spur and will be bringing her own brand of video reports to the site throughout the campaign. Check out the video below and then catch another one over at Spurs Pies now…

Swede dreams are made of this

oksana.jpgThings are looking up in Bolton after all…

This pic, taken as Posh teetered to a photo shoot in Beverley Hills, shows that the skeletal one has some freaky-deaky shit going on with the inside of her legs.

noemie_lenoir_01.jpgName Noemie Lenoir
Nationality French

Call us terrible snobs if you like, but we would never, ever be seen buying our better half a fragrance endorsed by Colleen McLoughlin (Wayne Rooney’s missus, if you didn’t know). It’s well chavvy, innit? According to Kickette, ‘it will retail for £19.99 all across the universe, starting with Selfridges next month’. Colleen tested it on her family and Wayne before she was happy with it (no jokes about animal testing at the back, thank you).

Bipasha_Basu_Biography_2.jpgA photo of Cristiano Ronaldo kissing Bollywood star Bipasha Basu (pictured) has prompted predictable speculation about a romantic link between the actress and the Man Utd star.

Yawn, so the Spice Girls have reformed, which at least will give David Beckham some down-time at home whilst his stick-thin missus goes off around the world topping up her bank balance.

Scorchio! FOX Sports has a tremendous gallery of cheerleaders from Mexico’s top football league, and let me tell you, it’s worth (several) visits. Click below to see a couple more samples from the gallery, or here for the whole shooting match.

A selection of Sheilas, photographed at the 2006 World Cup in Germany.

More Sexy World Cup in our babes section.

WAG of the week: Toni Poole

June 15th, 2007

71915250.jpgName Toni Poole
Nationality British
WAG of… England and Chelsea captain John Terry. The couple are to marry at Blenheim Palace today. They have requested Harrods gift vouchers as wedding presents. They will then have a two week honeymoon on Roman Abramovich’s super yacht in the Mediterranean. All very classy.
Fame ranking 4/10 Keeps herself to herself, with the occasional tabloid appearance.

A few half-baked YouTube videos featuring some of the hottest footballer’s wives and girlfriends on the planet…

More after the click…

56485849.jpgName Caroline Celico
Nationality Brazilian
WAG of… Kaka, the clean-cut golden boy of world football. The pair married in 2005, two days before Christmas. Carolina and Kaka first met in 2001 when she was a student and he was playing for São Paulo FC. So they’re teenage sweethearts. Aw, bless.
Fame ranking 5/10 Unknown in the UK but very famous in her native Brazil.
Babe ranking 9.5/10 Sweet baby Jesus of Nazareth, she’s so cute we might just cry.

radka-kocurova.jpgName Radka Kocurova
Nationality Czech Republic
WAG of… ravishing Radka goes out with Arsenal’s underperforming midfielder Tomas Rosicky.
Fame ranking 5/10 She’s very big news in her home country, where she is the equivalent of Victoria Beckham, but still unknown over in the UK.
Babe ranking 7/10 She’s very pretty and surely too good for odd-faced Tomas.

The headline says it all. Go red team!

If this hasn’t been the most fun day I’ve had on Pies, then I don’t know what is. Brazil should play in England every week.

On this day of celebrating all things Brazilian, here’s an agonisingly brief clip of a famous video shoot for Brazilian Playboy (no nudity but, well, you can guess the content):

Charlie%20Richardson.JPGThe tabloids are in frenzy at the pretty concrete sounding tip-off that Kieran Richardson’s cousin, Charlie, is to be a housemate in the new series of Big Brother, which starts tonight. Well, all the tabloids except the Daily Star who seem to have been led on a bit of a wild goose chase.

It’s like someone made a TV show of a dream I once had. Thank you Brazil.