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WAGs & Babes

WAGs & Babes: An in-depth scientific examination of the lovely ladies that pepper the modern game.

Mrs Becks turns up the bland

Stay classy, Mrs Cashley

His name is Kiko, he is a showgirl…

It’s lingerie… from the future!

Half-decent glamour model getting hitched to half-decent midfielder

Say hello to Diego Forlan’s better-looking half

Real Madrid’s Gago unhappy in Spain and looking for new club

Italian glamour model with clothes phobia? You’ve come to the right place…

Who the hell is this Pixie Lott anyway?

I kissed a badge and I liked it

Cilla, get your hat out

Hmm, they still wear stonewashed jeans in South America. Interesting

Meet Cristiano Ronaldo’s current WAG (at time of posting)

Sorry Darren, she’s out of your league