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WAGs & Babes

WAGs & Babes: An in-depth scientific examination of the lovely ladies that pepper the modern game.

Meet Jamie O’Hara’s thicker half…

Check out Pies’ marvellous gallery of Ronaldo’s ex

So Abi, what first attracted you to England football star Peter Crouch?

You can’t buy class. You can buy new body parts though

Putting the bux in buxom, say hello to the love of Gary Lineker’s life (after Alan Hansen and golf, of course)

She’s a Dutch model with a very fancy name…

Italy produces the hottest WAGs and here’s irrefutable proof…

The Italian glamour model, who isn’t at all shy about showing off her goods (check Google Images for NSFW proof) has dated several ballers

Noemie Lenoir used to be married to ex-Chelsea midfielder Claude Makelele, but the couple split earlier this year

Ah, it’s the sort of headline that make you proud to be a football fan. The Sun has this scoop: ‘Six Premiership stars are allegedly facing an agonising wait for the results of HIV tests – after all bedding the same girl. It is reported the shocked players took the tests after being told a […]

This WAG-shaped rumour comes from a source who used to be Wayne and Coleen’s next-door neighbour: “His [Wayne's] 21st birthday party was on a Sunday night after a Utd game. They were all very boisterous and the music was still pounding out at 3am Monday morning. Not wanting to cause too much of a fuss, […]

I knew you’d click… And no, Pies is NOT going downmarket – Chery Cole has a decidedly upmarket decolletage. Look into her breasts, not around the breasts… Away you go (click to enlarge - boom boom)… Thank you for not staring. You’re my guys.

Professional waste of skin Paris Hilton says that she ended her brief dalliance with Cristiano Ronaldo because she did not want to become a WAG. “I didn’t want to start dating Ronaldo because I’ve got no intention of ending up becoming some kind of footballer’s wife,” she reportedly said. The skeletal socialite added: “People were […]

This is Argentine model-slash-actress Luli Fernandez. As you can see, she avoided every single ugly branch when she fell out of a tree at birth (isn’t that what happens?). Until very recently, she was the WAG of Real Madrid midfielder Fernando Gago. But the website of Portugal’s Record newspaper claims that Luli has dumped Gago, […]

Bastian Schweinsteiger In the real world, the uber-hot Sarah Brandtner wouldn’t even look once at the German winger. But in a world where footballers attract the sort of women who would normally be way out of their league, the pig farmer shoots and scores.

I figure a lot of people will be searching the internet to find out more about Kaka, and also his impossibly cute wife, Caroline Celico. But there’s not a lot out there to satisfy seasoned WAG watchers. Caroline seems to hate the spotlight, which explains why she’s never stripped off for a lads’ mag (Her […]

C-Ron sleeping with the enemy? Say hello to Luana Belletti. She’s the not-unpretty sister of Juliano Belletti. Yes, the Juliano Belletti who plays for Chelsea. Reports coming from Europe claim that Luana, 24, has caught the roving eye of Cristiano Ronaldo. Sir Alex Ferguson won’t like that - what if she’s just using Ronaldo to find […]

WAG down, WAG down! Danielle Lloyd, ex-Miss Great Britain and outed racist, had to have emergency plastic surgery on her leg, after allegedly being attacked last night by two women inside London’s Crystal nightclub - according to reports, the WAG was “hurled through” a glass table. Ouch. Today’s tabloids are spattered with grim photos of Lloyd, […]

Sexy model, yes. Sexy club, no Linfield FC called on the services of former Miss Northern Ireland, Lucy Evangelista (no relation to Linda), to help launch their new away kit (the home kit doesn’t change). Pies thinks this is a good idea. We now have some interest in Linfield. More pics of Lucy below…

WAG forced to lower her sights Spare a thought for Elen Rives, the former WAG of England and Chelsea’s Frank Lampard. There are only so many Lampards to go around, and so Rives has had to look down the leagues for a man with the sort of ball skills she finds attractive.

One is a scary control freak, the other is a video game character Nice shoulder pads/hat combo, Mrs Becks. Not intimidating in any way. More Shit Lookalikes

Becks exists only for Victoria. That’s his story and he’s sticking to it In an interview with Italian newspaper La Stampa, Becks denied he had a dinner date with Mariann Fogarasy, a Hungarian glamour model who is a) much younger than Victoria Beckham, and b) much prettier than Victoria Beckham. In fairness to Dave, he […]