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Fail: Horror misses bad enough to make you gasp, own goals bad enough to make you WTF? out loud, crunching tackles high and ugly enough to make you wince and dives woeful enough to make you want to punch something.

Deadly Dirk nearly rips his arm off

Ex Man Utd No.2 banned for disrupting anti-doping test


Arsenal midfielder released on bail after incident in small hours

English ref admits he got it wrong

Another Fergie gem? Not this time

Fun Down Under

Stevie G makes a fool of himself, again

Who’s laughing now?!

Stupid boy

Handball ref! Ref! … Ref?

In the Brazilian Cup final no less!

I hear you got a bug problem ma’am?

Keep your eye on the ball… too late

You’re doing it wrong

For the love of God, why?

Not this

Mike Parry shown up

C’est karma, bitches!

Thankfully they stopped short of issuing a fatwa