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Fail: Horror misses bad enough to make you gasp, own goals bad enough to make you WTF? out loud, crunching tackles high and ugly enough to make you wince and dives woeful enough to make you want to punch something.

Liverpool co-owner’s son stands down from club’s board


You know what grinds my gears…

For Swedish midfielder, three is not the magic number…

Don’t cry for me, er Brazil

What’s he done!!? Rocky Baptiste enters record books after incredible miss

A big fat Belgian FAIL

The best a man can get? Not exactly…


Like, ouch

Airhead alert

In your FACE, Old Firm and Phil Gartside

What is it they say about the apple falling from the tree?

But did he remember to floss?

Sky Sports admits muting offensive chants

Wife-beating goalkeeper fired for homophobic rants

Newcastle take yet another wrong turn down FAIL Street…