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Fernando Torres Is Sad

October 15th, 2010

Hmm, it’s not easy whittling Everton’s excellent squad down to just five players, but we’ve had a go

Spot The Baller: Kim Kardashian

October 15th, 2010

Guess who?!

Perception = overrated

Let’s hear it for Chrissy Mullet

For England’s national team, tomorrow never comes. It’s time for some changes we can believe in

Simulation in the air? That’s a booking

Fun at Wembley

Club may be sold to NSEV before Friday’s debt deadline

Yes, Scotland the Brave… we’re not scared of cliches, Brian

Disgraceful scenes in Genoa

English football’s ‘grass roots’ are paved over or covered in dog shit

A United classic

And did Fabio Capello make the right call in taking the captain’s armband off Stevie G?

From CB Fry to Kevin Davies, via Charlie George and Chris Kirkland, Pies salutes England’s rarest internationals

Steve Marble Archibald FTW!

This is based as much on hard stats (fouls conceded, cards received) as subjective posturing

Aw, look at Kevin Davies, playing with the big kids. Sweet

With Essien in the engine room and Drogba up front, this is one powerful mini Chelsea. Now let’s see what you’ve got…

Mick McCarthy’s side bottom of Fair Play table

Beeb reports that incidents of football hooliganism involving young people have almost trebled in the past three years